One More Democrat Comes Unhinged


Keith Olbermann is not some anonymous, ranting anarchist in black bloc—he just talks like one. Actually, it’s worse than that. He has been a regular fixture of the mainstream media for decades.

His gig at MSNBC News cemented his bona fides among liberals, and he carries that reputation with him into his new venture as a YouTuber. The very liberal Huffington Post celebrated Olbermann’s debut in an article entitled, “Keith Olbermann Goes to Town . . .” There is not a single word of criticism for Olbermann’s unhinged commentary:

Olbermann described the president as “a mass murderer,” a “creature” and “the worst terrorist this country has ever faced.” Trump continues downplaying the pandemic ― even after he was hospitalized for three days with COVID-19.

Take a look at the quote. Isn’t that second sentence attempting to justify the obscene and seditious hyperbole of the first sentence? This is how the mainstream liberal media describes the president?

In a separate episode, (see clip below) Olbermann describes Trump supporters as maggots. He says that Amy Coney Barrett should be prosecuted, convicted, and removed from society. (For what crime, exactly?) Is this the kind of discourse that we should be celebrating or defending?

Let’s be clear. That kind of talk sounds like a threat against the Supreme Court nominee. But additionally, it’s rhetoric that constitutes a wholesale rejection of our Constitution. It is nothing less than the advocacy of force and violence to win political struggles that can’t be won according to the rules of our Constitution.

And let’s be clear about another thing. Among Democrats, Olbermann is no outlier. His violent rhetoric is very much a part of the Democratic Party’s mainstream. Even VP candidate Kamala Harris has expressed her support for violent protests, describing them as a “movement” in the clip below. She tells everyone to “beware” because the riots are not going away, and they shouldn’t go away. She has not one word of condemnation for the violence and the looting:

The Democrats have engaged in this dangerous rhetoric for years. Here is one of the worst examples from a couple of years ago by Rep. Maxine Waters of Los Angeles:

All of us should understand what the consequences of violent rhetoric are—It’s VIOLENCE:

Violence and Force Are Not the Way to Settle Political Differences

Do you agree with Keith Olbermann that Amy Coney Barrett ought to go to jail for her political beliefs? There’s a long list of Democrats, including Kamala Harris, who support the riots and the use of force and violence to achieve their political goals. A vote for these people is a vote against the Constitution. It’s a vote against democratic order. It’s a vote against human rights. How can anyone vote for that?

This Is How You Get Political Prisoners

Perhaps some of you think I am overreacting to Olbermann’s fascist rhetoric. If this were an isolated incident, perhaps I would ignore it. But this is not an isolated incident; rather, it is a disturbing pattern among Democrats that started in liberal universities and has now entered into the political mainstream. When you listen to Olbermann’s rabid hatred for Barrett and his call for her conviction and removal from society, it’s important to remember that the McCloskeys are facing actual criminal charges from a Democratic prosecutor. Their crime? Defending themselves and their home against a trespassing mob of BLM rioters in violence-ridden St. Louis. And David Daleiden has been the target of Kamala Harris for the unforgivable crime of investigating Planned Parenthood. Understand what the Democrats are doing. Ordinary citizens who disagree with the Democrats are being treated as criminals.

This is how you get political prisoners:

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