FACT CHECK—Trump Has Denounced White Supremacy a Gazillion Times


For the umpteenth time, Trump was asked to denounce White supremacy— most recently, Thursday night, by Savannah Guthrie:

Guthrie: “You seem hesitant to answer the question.”

The repetition of the question creates an insinuation that Trump hasn’t answered the question before, that he avoids the question because Trump is trying to hide the fact that he is a racist.

This whole ugly and dishonest charade was instigated by Chris Wallace. In the first debate, Wallace introduced the topic of race by mentioning, yet again, the slanderous canard that Trump called Charlottesville racists “very fine people.” Here’s the clip. All you need to see is the first two to three minutes:

Trump Condemns Charlottesville:

Here is what Trump actually said about Charlottesville:

Trump Condemns Charlottesville Racists

Trump’s “very fine people” comment:

“Very fine people” statement—shorter version:

Here’s the bottom line. Chris Wallace knows that Trump never called racists “very fine people.” To build that slander into a debate question constituted a grave violation of personal and journalistic ethics. Right before our eyes, Wallace promoted slanderous Fake News intended to harm the president. Trump had every reason to be angry.

“Will you denounce White supremacy?”

Wallace also asked Trump if he would denounce White supremacy. Many astute observers remembered that Wallace asked Trump the very same question in 2016. Did Wallace forget the very clear and direct answer that Trump gave him the first time around? This clip will refresh your memory and hopefully open some eyes:

A Democrat Plan to Slander the President

Since that first debate, one Democrat after another has jumped on the bandwagon to spread false and damaging lies against President Trump. Kamala Harris did it in her debate with Mike Pence:

John Roberts tried the same thing at the White House:

Roberts didn’t like the fact that people were openly mocking him for his bullheaded histrionics:

Is that all they got?

That’s not a complete list of all of the president’s calumniators. I could have also mentioned Cory Booker who made the same racist defamations during Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings. In fact, I’m not sure that a complete list of slanderers is possible. For, as far as I can tell, there is not one single Democrat in the media or politics who possesses enough of a moral compass to condemn the shameful lies being told about our president.

What conclusion should we draw from this? My conclusion is this. If Trump really were as awful as the Democrats claim, they wouldn’t need to resort to lies. Meanwhile, the revelations pouring out about Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration are too numerous to count at this point.

I leave you with a fine compilation of the many instances that Trump denounced White supremacy. I hope they are “declarative” enough for John Roberts.😂 😂 😂 😂

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