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Welcome to NewWalden!  I’m John Gravino, the creator of this website and the author of The Immoral Landscape of the New Atheism.  I am a lifelong Roman Catholic who took a vacation from his faith during his college years. Like the prodigal son, I returned to my true home, the Church, all in rags and tatters—spiritually speaking.  My book and this website are partly inspired by my reconversion, which is now nearly twenty years old.

It was during that reconversion that, for the first time, I began to take the study of my faith seriously.  I became a student of the Church’s ascetical theology and learned how our human nature depended on Christian asceticism and spirituality for the development of our human potential.

With the rise of the New Atheists, I realized that my study had given me an answer to the charge that “religion poisons everything!”  In truth Christianity is essential to happiness, spiritual growth and enlightenment, and the progress of civilization.  My book marshals a truckload of evidence to demonstrate these facts.

I see it as an important part of my vocation to promote the ideas in my book, which is why I created this website.  For my efforts, I have thus far received a little bit of recognition.  The book has received some excellent reviews, and I have been invited to a few speaking engagements, including one at Duke Medical School last year.  My work continues here at NewWalden and on social media venues like Twitter and YouTube.

I am currently at work on my second book.

Praise for My Work

11 thoughts on “About John Gravino: The Author

      1. Angela

        John I came across your youtube tonight from August 28, 2016 – I found it very interesting and intriguing and I agree with what you shared- I’ve been to Medjugorie twice and follow the messages closely – I can’t seem to find the January 2, 2001 message you mentioned / the only one I found is January 25, 2001 – where can i read this message? Thank you!

  1. Lydia

    Would like to touch base with you on Jesus. I’m a spirit filled born again Christian and want to share my insights and testimony with you after having heard one of your videos on the spiritual realm and your attempt to cleanse yourself.

  2. Ulana Campbell

    Great interview on Patrick Coffin show. You’ve piqued my interest in your book. I recall briefly studying humanist psychologist Carl Rogers in the early 70’s and am absolutely horrified to learn how crazy theories he espoused were able to demolish an order of California nuns in two years. These were nuns who willingly participated in his study. Mind blowing!

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