Head of Synod Defends Homosexuality and Rejects Bible—On Camera

Take a look at this remarkable video, which comes from a longer interview at LifeSite News. Cardinal Hollerich, the relator general of the global synod, is asked whether, after the synod, homosexuality will still be considered a sin. The cardinal says, roughly, that the answer to that question depends on the results of the synod! The interviewer then reminds the cardinal that the Bible and Tradition have always condemned homosexuality. The cardinal’s response? The Bible is unreliable because it gets a lot of stuff wrong. Oh, and one more nugget: Pope Francis agrees with the cardinal!!! See the short clip for yourself and tell me whether I am misrepresenting the interview:

Fidelity to Vatican II?

The video is shocking to watch even though it doesn’t break any new ground. New Walden previously reported that Hollerich has called for doctrinal change on homosexuality. And the pope is on board with this apostasy, as I have reported numerous times. Now that doesn’t mean that the pope and his allies admit that they are heterodox in any way. On the contrary, they claim the mantle of orthodoxy as the true defenders of Vatican II. But this is an absurdity, for Vatican II (and Vatican I!) makes clear that the pope cannot change revealed doctrine:

“When the Roman Pontiff, or the body of bishops together with him, define a doctrine, they make the definition in conformity with revelation itself, to which all are bound to adhere and to which they are obliged to submit; and this revelation is transmitted . . . through the legitimate succession of bishops and above all through the watchful concern of the Roman Pontiff himself. . . .” (LG 25)

Lumen Gentium 25

The Synod Is Leading the Church Into Apostasy

If Hollerich and the pope and their allies were true defenders of Vatican II, they would know that the synod cannot change the Biblical teaching on homosexuality. Here’s my explanation of LG 25 from a previous NW article:

Because all authority must submit to prior revelation, [according to LG 25] if there is a conflict with a new papal teaching, authority rests with prior revelation and not the pope. LG 25 is clear that, in the event of a conflict, it is the pope who must submit to the superior authority of tradition.  

No, Amoris Laetitia Does Not Threaten Papal Infallibility

But what is absolutely clear is this: Pope Francis and his allies are using the synod to change the Church in ways that it cannot be changed. I’ve been warning about this since I published Confronting the Pope of Suspicion more than three years ago. There is now very little time left and so much to do if the Church is to be defended against this grave apostasy.

2 thoughts on “Head of Synod Defends Homosexuality and Rejects Bible—On Camera

  1. Cher

    When you say there is so much to do to defend the Church from apostasy, what do you mean? What do you suggest Catholics do?

    1. John Gravino

      Cher, thank you for your comment. I think an important first step would be to contact your bishop and ask him to make a public condemnation of Hollerich’s statements. You could also ask your bishop to request that Pope Francis remove Hollerich from his leadership position in the synod. Thanks! JG

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