The Battle of St. Louis—A Tale of Two Cities

If the mainstream media is your only source of news, then you probably never saw this story. A large group of masked thugs showed up to the home of a St. Louis couple yesterday evening. They were welcomed with an AR-15:

Video #1

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and no shots were fired. The only report I could find from the major news vendors was from CBS. It claimed that the mob that showed up to this residence was as large as 500 people. Other articles, remarkably, seem to defend the mob. This article falsely claims that the mob was not trespassing. But the Twitter thread below shows that they clearly entered onto private property when the homeowners acted to defend themselves:

Video #2

And the tweet below also shows that the mob was illegally trespassing, as the homeowner can be heard to say on video #2 above.

This lawyer shares her “expert” and “impartial” opinion:

Same Town, Same Weekend

Now I’d like to share with you what also took place in St. Louis this weekend. A Catholic group gathered around a statue of St. Louis to protect it from another mob that wanted to destroy it. The Catholics had no weapons—just their rosaries and a few priests. Here are some images from the interactions between the Catholics and the “peaceful” protesters:

The fellow in the blue bandana shows up in this video in which he and his merry band of peaceful protesters beat a few Catholics with a large bat:

What is there left to say? It is certainly no sin, nor is it against the law, to defend yourself. So why are some people intent on making out the armed couple above to be criminals?

This article will be updated as more details emerge.

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