St. Patrick’s Cathedral in El Paso Vandalized. Let’s Try to Understand

Earlier this week, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in El Paso, Texas, was vandalized. Tragically, this has become an epidemic in our great country. Although not being reported, churches have been a primary target of radical-left rioting that has taken place for the past 100-plus days. And Catholic churches have been a particular favorite. Saint statues have been toppled for being symbols of “racism.”

Understand this phenomenon. The radical Left hates Christianity and Christians because they hate our Gospel values. They hate our teachings on sexuality. They hate our teachings on abortion. They hate our teachings on marriage. But that’s okay because the feeling is mutual.

There is a difference though. Christians and conservatives also believe in the American system—the system of checks and balances designed to safeguard our rights as enumerated in the Constitution. Thus, Christians believe in working out our differences peacefully, using elections and the courts to work out our differences in ways that respect civil society and human dignity. For the past 50 years we have fought against abortion through protest that is actually peaceful. We don’t burn down abortion mills because we hate what they do. Even abortion doctors have rights. Christians understand that.

But the radical Left no longer agrees. They think that their opponents have no rights, and the clearest way to see this is to observe the places where the radical Left is known to congregate—at the universities. For years now, universities have not tolerated conservative thinkers and journalists. They have denied conservatives the right to speak on their campuses. In the eyes of the radical Left, there are no rights for anyone who disagrees with them.

Simple Solution

But there is a simple solution to the radical Left. Using violence to bring about political reform is against the law. All that needs to be done is to enforce our laws, and peace and safety will be restored to our citizens in anarchy-ravaged blue cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and New York. Defunding the police is not the way to restore peace and order, and Minneapolis is learning that lesson the hard way:

Cases in Point

Let’s return to the vandalism of the El Paso church for a sec. The suspect in the case is Isaiah Cantrell. He had marijuana in his possession at the time of his arrest. But research by Gateway Pundit shows that this was Cantrell’s ninth arrest this month! This is a pattern in blue cities. They aren’t enforcing the law. Instead, Democratic prosecutors are releasing dangerous rioters back into the public so that they can continue their rioting. That’s why there has been endless anarchy in these blue cities for more than a hundred days. Too many Democratic politicians have accepted the radical Left ideology that it is legitimate to use violence to achieve their political ends. Here are only a couple of examples:

AOC: Accepting Her Political Agenda Is a Condition for Ending Violence

Kamala Harris: “Beware”: The Rioting Shouldn’t Stop.

Both AOC and Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris have publicly defended the legitimacy of violence as a political weapon. But only for their side, of course. Imagine if pro-life advocates used these arguments to justify attacks against abortion clinics. You think Kamala and AOC would agree? Not for a minute. In their own minds and the minds of too many mainstream Democrats, the radical Left is right to build a totalitarian world in which the only people who have rights are people who think like they do.

Their thinking is irrational. It is undemocratic and un-American. It is uncivilized. It is immoral. Illegal. Unconstitutional. Inhuman. And we can and should put an end to this barbarism in November.

Democrats Have Defenestrated Ethics and Fair Play

One final consideration. If these Democrats show so little regard for fairness and the rule of law that they are willing to tolerate violence against their opponents, what makes anyone think that they won’t try to steal votes in an election? Transparency, oversight, and verification must be top priorities for the election process. And that means two things that Democrats oppose:

  1. Mandatory voter ID
  2. Mandatory in-person voting

Gee, I wonder why the Democrats are opposed?

Prominent Democrat Arrested For Rioting


Marlo Safi is a Syrian-American Catholic journalist who has been keeping an excellent record of recent attacks on Catholic churches. Here is part of it from Twitter:


If anyone would suggest that these church attacks are unrelated to the radical Left Antifa riots—that it is just a coincidence that they are happening simultaneously—let me remind you that the thugs that tried to storm and burn down the White House were the very same barbarians that attacked St. John’s Episcopal Church across the street:

Shaun King

And let us not forget Shaun King, a prominent leftist with over a million followers on Twitter. To his followers, he called for attacks against Christian churches:

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