Shooting in Lancaster, PA, Was Self-Defense

Rioting broke out early Monday morning in Lancaster, PA, after another person was shot and killed by a police officer. Here’s video of the rioters attacking the police station:

The police quickly released body cam footage from the officer involved, and here is what it revealed:

Reports say that the officer was responding to a “domestic disturbance” call. Matt Walsh summarizes the absurdity of this parade of zombies below:

For the nuts out there who want to scream racism, I, again, turn to Matt Walsh for the perfect rejoinder:

Defund the Police?

Now just try and wrap your mind around this for a moment. Take a good look at the huge knife that guy is wielding. This was a domestic disturbance call—the very kind that advocates for defunding the police have suggested should be handled by social workers! I cannot ever recall a time when politicians of any political stripe revealed as much collective incompetence and stupidity as is on display by Democrats today.

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