Voting Machines—Again.

Note: Please see important update at end of article.

Another election and a familiar name is back in the news—DOMINION. Take a look at this video from a voting precinct in Arizona:

Scottsdale is in Maricopa County. And the machine breakdowns happened all over Maricopa. Here is on-the-ground video confirmation of this:

Early returns put Katie Hobbs ahead by double-digit percentage points, but with almost none of the vote counted. Candidate Kari Lake explains the phenomenon. Only in Republican-dominated precincts did the machines break down. In liberal Phoenix, which is also in Maricopa, they had no trouble with their machines, as Lake explains here:

But look what happens when the late Maricopa ballots come in. They heavily favor the Republican, Kari Lake. This confirms Lake’s statement, above, that the machine breakdowns took place in Republican areas. (Those areas took longer to report because so many ballots had to be counted by hand.)

The latest vote counts show that the Democrat’s double-digit percentage lead has been completely erased by the late returns. But questions remain. Voters whose ballots were rejected by the machines were not given uniform instructions as to how to proceed to get their vote counted. Some were given information that may have led to their vote being disqualified. How can these votes be verified? It is especially disconcerting that the Democratic candidate for governor, Katie Hobbs, is also the current Secretary of State in Arizona—the person in charge of running the election!

“Unfounded Doubts”?

It is now a verified fact that voting machines constituted a systemic election-integrity problem in the 2022 election. And this only lends greater credibility to the allegations made in the 2020 presidential election. To my knowledge, the 2020 story of voter machine vote-flipping in Antrim County, Michigan, was never retracted. Thus, the headline from CNN above is ridiculous. Of course there are doubts about the Arizona election. Yes, machines break down. But have you ever seen 25% of the cars on the freeway broken down all at once?

Imagine that, on the morning of the Indy 500, 25% of the racecars didn’t work. Everybody would be screaming “SABOTAGE!” We should all be screaming the same about our elections. And that goes for 2020, as Maricopa has proven.

Update: 11/11/2022

An update from Maricopa County states that the issue was with poorly printed ballots. Presumably, this exonerates the Dominion voting machines. Fine. Maybe the Dominion machines were not responsible. But none of this exonerates the political machine in Arizona. By Maricopa’s own admission in the Twitter thread below, 70 voting centers were affected. According to Washington Post reporter Yvonne Wingett, that’s 70 centers out of 223, which is 31% of all voting centers—nearly 1 out of 3! (Also see here.) That’s not a glitch. That’s a systemic breakdown which smells of foul play. My Indy 500 hypothetical above is still relevant: People would demand an investigation for broken racecars; we should demand an investigation for broken election centers at such a high rate of failure.

Update #2: 11/11/22

This has been a common observation: bigger states got their vote-counting done a lot sooner than smaller Arizona.

Update #3:

See the video below. A Republican voter from Maricopa County shows her two rejected ballots. She had to wait two hours, and after all that, her ballots were still rejected. She was sent off to another voting place without her vote being counted. Did her vote ever get counted? Nearly one out of three voting centers in Republican strongholds of Maricopa had these problems. So the question is this: What happened to this woman’s vote? And how many other people are in the same situation? This is real video evidence of actual voter suppression.

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