Illumination of Conscience? What’s That??

This is a post for the McDonald’s Synod. A question has arisen from the Private Revelations Working Group about an event called the “Illumination of Conscience.” They seem to think that this is going to happen very soon. Most of the members of the group confess to no knowledge of any such occurrence. The distinguished member from NewWalden added that he believed that he had read that, if any such occurrence does take place in the future, it is supposed to happen after the Great Tribulation.

New Walden takes no position on unapproved private revelations. Our official policy is to “wait and see what the Church decides.” Also New Walden has done no research on the question of the so-called “illumination of conscience.” What we will say is that the idea comes from the unapproved apparitions at Garabandal. We do not know whether there is any other mention of such a future event in approved private revelations. To our knowledge, Garabandal is the sole source of this piece of prophecy.

We will also say that there has been much speculation this year, ever since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; apparently, this is connected to the prophecy in the minds of many prophecy sleuths. We at New Walden put forward two excerpts from another website which claims to have a better understanding of this prophecy.

This first excerpt is the basis for thinking that the “Great Tribulation” is supposed to take place first:

The Prophecies of Garabandal
According to the visionaries, after a period of tribulation, the Warning and Miracle will occur in the same year. Conchita has described the Warning as a “correction of conscience” during which everyone in the world will be given a revelation of the state of their souls before God. We will see the consequences of our sins and will feel sorrow for them. The Warning will be a moment of great grace for mankind, a true penetration of the Holy Spirit into our inmost hearts, but it will be a traumatic event when we recognize the gravity of our sins and our distance from God.

This next excerpt, however, clearly states that a great chastisement takes place after the “illumination”:

The prophecies refer to a period of tribulation for the world during which a Warning will be given to all of mankind simultaneously. Within a year of the Warning, a Miracle will occur in Garabandal which will leave a visible sign for all to see. Following the Miracle, if humanity still fails to turn to the Lord, there will be a fearful Chastisement on a global scale.

2 thoughts on “Illumination of Conscience? What’s That??

  1. Randy Carson

    John, check out Mark Mallett’s companion site, Click on the Timeline and then scroll to the Sixth Seal. Mark lays out the coming Illumination of Conscience there. So, Famine, Conflict & War, Economic Collapse & Hyperinflation…all these resulting from seals being opened BEFORE the Illumination of Conscience occurs. Are those things a tribulation? Yes (but not THE Tribulation). Are we seeing these things unfolding before our eyes? I think so…and it’s going to get worse until the Lord cleanses the earth as He did in the days of Noah. But before that, we get the Illumination of Conscience which will be the greatest act of mercy since Calvary.

    1. John Gravino

      “So, Famine, Conflict & War, Economic Collapse & Hyperinflation…all these resulting from seals being opened BEFORE the Illumination of Conscience occurs. Are those things a tribulation? Yes (but not THE Tribulation).”

      Randy, your interpretation of the Great Tribulation is contradicted by Scripture. See Ezekiel 5. War and Famine are major dimensions the Great Tribulation. Also, see this link,( which describes my own private revelations on these matters. Also, my private revelations were confirmed by signs: two Ecuador earthquakes and the worship of Pachamama. AND Covid immediately following Pachamama. The prophecy I was given for 4/16/16 prophesied the events of the Francis pontificate up to the worship of Pachamama, which ushered in the Great Tribulation Era. Thus, the prophecy I was given covers a period of EXACTLY 3 1/2 years. The FINAL 3 1/2 years of the Christian Era before the advent of the Great Tribulation.

      The other sign that occurred concerning the prophecy I was given happened when I published the podcast. See the link above. The numbers are 33666. EZEKIEL is the 33rd book of OT.

      So, to be clear, what I am fuzzy about is when and how an “illumination of conscience” fits into all of this. The prophecy I was given contains no information about it. It may be a real event that takes place. But since we are already in the Tribulation Era, it would necessarily occur in the midst of the Tribulation. True, we have not seen the worst of the Tribulation as it is described in Ezekiel 5 and elsewhere—Thanks be to God!! Signs are occurring to wake people up and lead them to repentance.

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