Dispatch—Mar. 10, 2022: How Christians Are Getting Trampled in the Media

This interview is just too funny and entertaining for its own good. John Zmirak and Eric Metaxas are discussing a darkly serious subject—the demonization of Christians. It’s popping up all over the place. (I’ve discussed the problem myself more than a couple of times.) The motivation for this interview is an article by John Zmirak that discusses a new piece written by David French. I need to give French’s title special emphasis:

The Seeds of Political Violence Are Being Sown in Church

David French

Actually the Seeds of Political Violence Are Being Sown by David French and His Liberal Fascist Allies

Who are some of these dangerous Christians according to French? He identifies the notorious and violent extremist Eric Metaxasof all people. Eric has got to be one of the most civil and rational people in the media today. If you don’t know Eric, he’s the affable and fashionable double-breasted gentleman talking to John Zmirak in the interview below.

Paula White & Kaya Jones—Dangerous Women???

In addition to Eric Metaxas, French also names Pastor Paula White and her Pentecostal followers as dangerous Christian extremists. And here they are working to prepare one-million meals in 24 hours to send to the Ukraine:

Here is one of Paula White’s dangerous followers, Grammy-award-winning singer and devoted Christian Kaya Jones showing off all the meals they packed:

Apparently, what makes these incredibly charitable people so dangerous is their support of Trump. Oh, wait—and also something to do with nationalism. Which raises an important question:

What’s So Awful About Nationalism, Anyway?

This important topic comes up in the interview. Why is nationalism being treated as a bad word? Zmirak mentions a book by Yoram Hazony entitled The Virtue of Nationalism. If you don’t like it, the alternatives are tribalism, which leads to endless genocidal civil war, or imperialism, which leads to endless wars of conquest. Nationalism, by contrast, is the mean between the extremes where nations respect borders and stay in their lanes. Ukrainians—the people everyone is pulling for right now—happen to be nationalists who are whitewhite nationalists. They are also Christians—Christian nationalists. And ordinary Ukrainian civilians are taking up arms to defend their homeland—just like the McCloskeys and Kyle Rittenhouse! The shock and the horror of it! The American media have behaved as if it were a crime for Americans to defend themselves against violence and rioting. I cannot imagine the migraine headaches for people who swallow American double-think propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Take a look at this extremely important 30-minute interview. It is worth your time!

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