Reasons Why the Consecration May Backfire

You may have heard that the pope is going to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary today. The story has been reported widely in the news media, no doubt, because of the present war in the Ukraine. The Catholic bishops of Ukraine asked the pope to do this. Why? Here’s the backstory. At a series of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, the Blessed Mother promised that Russia “would be converted” if the pope with all of the bishops consecrated Russia to her Immaculate Heart. If the pope failed to do this, then Russia would “spread her errors” and cause wars and persecutions of the Church. The Ukrainian bishops are obviously thinking that this consecration may work as a spiritual weapon to stop Russia from “causing wars.” So Pope Francis accepted their request and is going to do this consecration today, on the feast of the Annunciation. The event is getting all kinds of attention from the media. Glenn Beck, who isn’t even Catholic, said he’s going to pray a rosary for this consecration! And it might even work. I believe that God can do anything, and he just might do this. But the truth is I’m skeptical. In fact, I think the whole thing may backfire. Here’s why.

Did You Catch My “Watchman” Podcast?

The reasons for my skepticism are presented in the first episode of The Watchman podcast. There I explain how through private revelations which I received, I learned how God is going to punish our generation for its sins by inflicting on us the Great Tribulation. According to Biblical prophecy, the Great Tribulation is the worst punishment that God ever visits upon mankind—it’s a mass extinction event that comes to humanity through war, famine, and disease.

But there is more. This message also communicates God’s anger at Pope Francis. Francis is the one that ushered in the Great Tribulation when he worshipped the pachamama idol in St. Peter’s Basilica. Thus, more than anyone else, it is Francis who is responsible for the wars and diseases and food shortages that are breaking out all over the world—at least at the spiritual level Francis is guilty. So the irony in this situation is that Ukrainian Catholics have turned for help to the one guy most responsible spiritually for causing their predicament in the first place. Here’s the podcast where I explain the whole thing:

Pay Special Attention to the Conclusion of the Podcast!

Toward the end of the podcast, I describe receiving a new private revelation. It’s a sequence of numbers, which means that it is difficult to interpret precisely. As I explain in the podcast (see above) it is most certainly a timeline of the Great Tribulation events. This is a good thing because the timeline implies that we still have two or more years before the worst events take place. This gives us time to prepare AND REPENT! And who knows? Maybe God will relent as He did in the case of Nineveh in the book of Jonah.

The sequence of numbers is broken into sections, and the groupings of numbers suggest another layer of meaning. For reasons given in the podcast above, the sequence of numbers appears to be referring to Ezekiel 5: 11. Here is a screenshot from the original podcast, which was never published. ( I cut it out of the published version because it’s dark and appears to be directed at Pope Francis.)

When you read the contents of Ez. 5: 11, you can clearly see that God is directing his anger at the one who defiled his holy temple/sanctuary. In the context of my private revelation, and as I describe in the podcast, that would be Pope Francis. He is the one that defiled St. Peter’s Basilica with the pachamama idol. Verse 11 of Ezekiel 5 speaks of punishment to the person who defiled God’s temple:

As I explain in the original, unpublished podcast, the new message implies that Ez. 5: 11 happens this March. As you can see from the screenshot of the tweet below, I communicated this to the pope back in early February. The new revelation (the number sequence) seems to imply that the pope will receive a divine punishment in March:

I explained all of this in the unpublished version of the podcast, but I decided to take it out because it’s so incendiary. It’s also uncertain since it is an interpretation of a revelation. It could be the wrong interpretation. (The published version still discusses the possible punishment of Pope Francis, but I softened the message quite a bit.) So why am I mentioning all of this now? Today’s consecration of Russia provides another interpretation. The linking of Ez. 5: 11 to the month of March could simply mean that God rejects the pope’s consecration because of all of the pope’s apocalyptically bad actions. Under this interpretation, nothing necessarily happens to Pope Francis, but his consecration fails to stop the spread of the war. But because Francis is guilty of ushering in the Great Tribulation, which is the spiritual explanation for this war and the spread of diseases and food shortages, a darker interpretation of the new message could mean that Francis’ consecration might backfire and actually exacerbate war conditions. But Zechariah leaves us with the darkest possible interpretation.

Zechariah’s Description of the the Great Tribulation.

I already mentioned that the podcast explains how Francis is guilty of ushering in the Great Tribulation. Well, Zechariah describes how God deals with the evil agents of the Tribulation. Do you remember the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark? It comes from Zechariah 14. Their faces instantaneously melt and rot. So Francis should consider himself lucky if God doesn’t turn his head into a bowl of soup during the consecration.

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