Dispatches From Zmirak and Ngo for Monday, August 23, 2021

Welcome to a new section of the Front Page! This is NW’s response to the widespread censorship of conservatives and Christians in the wake of the calamitous outbreak of liberal fascism among Democrats: John Zmirak was banned from Twitter (along with President Trump. Meanwhile, Pornhub and the Taliban keep right on tweeting). And LifeSite News, Patrick Coffin, and Eric Metaxas were all removed from YouTube. Those are just a few examples. And let’s not forget the banning of conservative social media platform Parler, rendering millions of conservatives voiceless in an instant.

The Biden Administration has fully endorsed this censorship, calling for social media platforms to act in unison to ban voices of those who disagree with them. They say they want to control “misinformation.” As someone commented on Twitter, the party that thinks a man can give birth is worried about misinformation.

So here at NewWalden, we will be featuring some of the dissident voices of the Christian right. You will be able to find them on the Front Page in a brand new section, “Dispatches from the Christian Underground.”

Zmirak Announces New Book for This Fall

Here’s a great article by John Zmirak from earlier this month. In it he announces that he’s got a new book coming out this October. The new book advances an intriguing thesis: theology determines politics. Check back here at NW for news about preordering John’s book.

Andy Ngo’s New Book Is #1 Bestseller

And while on the subject of new must-read books, journalist Andy Ngo has just published a book detailing his in-depth investigation of the Antifa movement. It already has 5000 reviews on Amazon!

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