DEVELOPING STORY: Vatican Source Says Pope Plans to Implement Intercommunion

You can believe the rumors. A Catholic civil war over “intercommunion” is on the horizon.


This is very big news if true. Italian journalist Marco Tosatti reports that sources at the Vatican are telling him that the pope is now pushing for intercommunion:

Dear friends and enemies . . . , a friend from inside the Vatican Walls tells us – and naturally the news still needs to be verified – that the reigning Pontiff wants to return to concerning himself with Intercommunion, that is, making it possible for the faithful of other non-Catholic Christian confessions to participate in the Eucharist.

This, of course, is impossible. The teachings of the Church do not allow non-Catholics to receive Holy Communion. Only Catholics in a state of grace may do so. And so, yet again, Francis is leading the Church into heresy, apostasy, and schism, depending on how the dominoes fall. But,obviously, this is so ONLY IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE.

Is the Rumor True?

Dr. Maike Hickson is a journalist for LIfeSite News, and she is taking the rumor seriously.

The Great Catholic Reset

But there is another reason for believing the rumor. I have been saying all year long—in a new book, in articles and interviews—that this year we would see dramatic and heretical changes in the Church. Why this year exactly? What tipped me off was the pope’s declaration that this year would be a “Year of Reflection on Amoris Laetitia.” As I have reported in so many places, Amoris Laetitia is a thoroughly heretical document that promotes sexual liberation and gay equality in the Church. In my book, I showed how Amoris simply copied and pasted these sexual heresies from 1970s theology textbooks. And sure enough, as soon “The Year of Amoris” got under way, we saw a firestorm of gay liberation propaganda all throughout the global church:

  • Rainbow flags were flown from Catholic schools in Canada.
  • Catholic priests gave “marriage” blessings to gay couples.
  • James Martin promoted homosexual acceptance to Catholic school students.
  • But this tweet from a Fr. James Martin alliance group New Ways Ministry sums up the present gay apostasy and how it’s all linked to Amoris Laetitia, confirming everything I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for years:

Intercommunion and Communion for Gays

As I described in my book and in several interviews, a key tenet of the sexual liberation heresy was that active homosexuals should be given access to the sacrament of Holy Communion. So, true to form, Amoris Laetitia had to do the same, which it did, in the now infamous note 351. The note suggested that the Eucharist should be made available to those who were in a condition of mortal sin, more specifically, sexual mortal sin:

In certain cases, this can include the help of the sacraments. . . . [T]he Eucharist “is not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.”

Amoris Laetitia, note 351

Intercommunion as the Cudgel of the Liberal Fascists

So, if this, indeed, is the “Year of Amoris Laetitia” one should not be surprised to see its principles implemented. And intercommunion is a marvelously effective way to implement note 351. Intercommunion means that you no longer need to believe the teachings of the Catholic Church. And if you no longer need to believe, you no longer need to practice either. Thus, intercommunion also means that you can expect hordes of liberal Protestant heretics all queued up at your masses ready to profane the Holy Eucharist.

This Is CNN

And CNN will be there to capture that “glorious” moment of pagan victory as the adulterers, fornicators, and perverts bark, twerk, and grind their way up to the communion rail—all with lawyers in tow.

Think about it a moment. It’s the nightmare scenario that I described in the final chapter of my book. If the pope permits such a profanation of the Eucharist—on the dishonest grounds that such “openness” is more “merciful,” more “Christian,” or whatnot—then, on what grounds could any faithful Catholic priest or bishop protest? The question that the faithful will be forced to answer is this: What gives you the authority to defy the pope? That’s the question that CNN will demand be answered. It’s the question that faithful Catholics may be forced to answer in courts. Intercommunion may well be the fascist cudgel that I warned about in my book:

Surrender to the gay fascists, or we’ll turn your churches into Memories Pizza and Masterpiece Cakeshop.

Confronting the Pope of Suspicion, p. 94

For years now, Christians have been facing relentless legal challenges to their First Amendment rights, much of it coming from gay rights groups who argue that traditional Christian morality is discriminatory. If the pope embraces a new heretical policy that grants permission to gays and others in mortal sin to receive Holy Communion, such a policy could potentially weaken a Christian’s constitutional protections even further. Such a progressive reform might even strengthen the argument—in the eyes of some courts—that traditional Christian morality really is just a smokescreen for bigotry and illegal discrimination.

Thus, if Amoris Laetitia is fully implemented this year as I predicted, a very likely outcome will be that every faithful parish in the world will face legal jeopardy for merely defending the Eucharist against desecration.

Isn’t that, after all, exactly what Ted Lieu is threatening in this tweet?

Tosatti’s Questions Are Answered by My Book.

One of the questions that Tosatti raises in his brief article is the timing of all this radical change in the Church. Why is Francis in a rush, and why is he doing this so closely on the heels of his draconian suppression of the Latin Mass? He thinks it might have something to do with the German Synod:

One of the possible reasons could be the German Synod, where the theme of Inter-communion with Protestants has been placed on the agenda. In Germany there have already been some steps taken in this direction by a few bishops. Pope Bergoglio has not expressed himself clearly on this topic, but in a 2018 meeting he invited those concerned to arrive at a unanimous decision.

Tosatti is right about the German Synod. Francis has been timing his movements according to the progress of the German bishops from the very beginning, as I pointed out in my article on the “December Massacre.” The reason for this coordination with the Germans is because they are, themselves, implementing the Amoris Laetitia reform plan. (See the article for details.) This is a key finding of my research: Amoris Laetitia is the blueprint for a progressive, heretical revolution in the Church. It explains everything—even the suppression of the Latin Mass. It’s all part of the “Great Catholic Reset” that I described in my book.

The “Great Amoris Laetitia Reset”

A key goal of the “Great Amoris Laetitia Reset” has always been to open up the sacraments to outsiders. The purpose is to bring into the Church more friends and allies of the lavender clergy—more people that think like our gay, liberal shepherds. The likely consequence of such a movement will be to push faithful, orthodox Christians out the door—especially if they face legal jeopardy for defending Church teaching, as I described above. But where will the faithful go? A natural refuge for faithful Novus Ordo Catholics would be parishes that are more traditional. Often these parishes offer the Traditional Latin Mass. Thus, an unintended consequence of the “Amoris Laetitia Reset” would be to make the Latin Mass Great Again.

But apparently, they thought of that already. Hence, the new motu proprio which bans traditional Latin Mass parishes. The tweet from James Martin below shows that the existence of such traditional parishes was of great concern to the progressive heretics.

If I am right, the motu proprio was a preemptive strike against the Latin Mass in anticipation of the widespread revolt against the pope’s planned gay revolution in the Church. The pope banned the Latin Mass and Latin Mass parishes to make sure that faithful Catholics would not flock to traditionalist parishes as a refuge against the pope’s plan for intercommunion with heathens. If the pope didn’t suppress Latin Mass parishes, his plot for a “Great Reset” to make the Church more liberal might easily backfire. The backlash against the Reset might produce, instead, the unintended consequence of making the Church more conservative rather than liberal. By suppressing the Traditionalists, the pope hopes to avoid that outcome.

Remember, the goal is “to change the Church forever.” More to come on this developing story.


More rumors have surfaced that the persecution of traditionalists will be extended to include the forced closure of their seminaries. We will continue to follow this breaking story here at New Walden.

Reminder From St. Justin Martyr About the Church’s Teaching on the Eucharist

No one may share the eucharist with us unless he believes that what we teach is true, unless he is washed in the regenerating waters of baptism for the remission of his sins, and unless he lives in accordance with the principles given us by Christ.

We do not consume the eucharistic bread and wine as if it were ordinary food and drink, for we have been taught that as Jesus Christ our Savior became a man of flesh and blood by the power of the Word of God, so also the food that our flesh and blood assimilates for its nourishment becomes the flesh and blood of the incarnate Jesus by the power of his own words contained in the prayer of thanksgiving.

The apostles, in their recollections, which are called gospels, handed down to us what Jesus commanded them to do. They tell us that he took bread, gave thanks and said: Do this in memory of me. This is my body. In the same way he took the cup, he gave thanks and said: This is my blood. The Lord gave this command to them alone. Ever since then we have constantly reminded one another of these things. The rich among us help the poor and we are always united. For all that we receive we praise the Creator of the universe through his Son Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit.


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