Are You Ready for the “Amoris Laetitia” Apostasy and the Great Catholic Reset?


Consider for a moment the dangerous prospect of an alliance, formal or not, between an apostate hierarchy and the secular powers of state and media.

Confronting the Pope of Suspicion—Preface to the New Edition

When the pope announced that 2021 was to be a “Year of Reflection on Amoris Laetitia,” I warned everyone that it was really a year of promotion and implementation. I did this in a three-part series called Amoris Laetitia: Trojan Horse for Gay Fascism,” which got a lot of attention and which is based on excerpts from the new, expanded paperback edition of Confronting the Pope of Suspicion. Well, I’m happy to say that the book is finally published and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold.

And just in time too. Indications are that the Amoris implementation is in full swing. In the series mentioned above, I called it an implementation of gay fascism. I argued that the “Year of Reflection on Amoris Laetitia” would really be a year of implementation of gay equality. And I am sorry to say that I WAS EXACTLY RIGHT. Here is a tweet from New Ways Ministry, Fr. James Martin’s favorite “Catholic” pro-LGBT organization.

Gay Liberation Goes Into High Gear

The Tweet above confirms everything I said about Amoris Laetitia in my book—maybe the only orthodox book about Amoris Laetitia in the world. Indeed, Amoris Laetitia opened the door to changing Church teaching on homosexuality. It did this, as I showed in my book, by resurrecting from the dead twentieth century heresies that Pope John Paul II condemned in Veritatis Splendor. If you’ve never heard this before, you might think I’m crazy, but my argument explains why the dubia Cardinals made so many references to Veritatis in their critique of Amoris Laetitia. It is precisely this connection to the heresies of the seventies that makes Amoris Laetitia so dangerous. For the very point of these heresies was to promote sexual liberation of every kind, but especially gay liberation.

If my theory is correct, then the whole point of Amoris Laetitia is gay liberation as well. Thus—if I am right— we should see in this “Year of Reflection on Amoris Laetitia” an aggressive promotion of gay liberation ideology from progressive forces within the Church. The tweet above is exhibit A. (For those of you who are unaware, New Ways Ministry is run by dissident Catholic nuns and priests.) And here is more evidence:

  • A declaration from the CDF prohibiting blessings of so-called “gay marriages” appears to have been strategically timed to coincide with the opening of the “Year of Reflection.” Since the pope approved the CDF’s statement, on the surface, this would appear to contradict my thesis: the Church appears to be standing firm on its teaching rather than promoting gay liberation. But take a deeper look. Soon after his initial agreement with the CDF, the pope appeared to backtrack and actually criticize the CDF statement. And what exactly has been the fruit of this most recent Bergoglian imbroglio? An active global campaign for Catholic clergy to bless same sex “weddings.” Also see here. And here. And here. And here.
  • Right here in my own diocese of Raleigh, newly formed pro-LGBT ministries were set up in unsuspecting parishes. Like the CDF statement, the timing coincided with the start of the Amoris “Year of Reflection.”
  • The Vatican speaker line-up for the upcoming health conference raised more than a few eyebrows when it was announced last week. It’s a veritable who’s who of Catholic-hating, left-wing cranks, politicians, celebrities, and oligarchs. Joe Perry, lead guitarist of the rock group Aerosmith is one of the featured speakers, along with model Cindy Crawford. And Chelsea Clinton. And Deepak Chopra. As was pointed out in this Steve Bannon interview, all the speakers are pro-abortion and pro-LGBT. Also noted in the interview was the conspicuous display of pro-LGBT rainbow colors in the logo for the event. (See below.)
  • And speaking of the rainbow flag, Canadian Bishop Douglas Crosby has backed a proposal to fly the pro-LGBT rainbow flag at Catholic schools in his diocese. A memo went out to priests that they were not allowed to speak from the pulpit on the subject. See this article for details. One priest mustered the courage to condemn the idea. He was immediately expelled from his diocese. Which proves the point of my paperback perfectly: Gay inclusion in our churches is advertised falsely as a movement for greater love, mercy, and compassion. It is nothing of the sort. It is an intolerant, fascist movement which always demands mercy and compassion from others but never reciprocates. As I stated in my book:

This year of . . . Amoris Laetitia threatens to become a year of extortion for our parishes: surrender to the gay fascists or they’ll turn your churches into Memories Pizza and Masterpiece Cakeshop.

Confronting the Pope of Suspicion, 93–94

So Many Silent, So Many Wrong

The message of my new book is urgent. Heresy took hold of many seminaries and theology departments fifty years ago. And that same heresy is alive and well today because it was never effectively dealt with. Many of our Church’s leaders were trained in this heresy when they were seminarians and, today, they actively promote its errors. One of those leaders is Pope Francis himself. And another is Bishop Robert Barron.

We are dealing with wide-scale apostasy, and one of the insidious consequences of such an apostasy is that, when powerful and influential people fall for it, others lose the courage and willpower to fight against it. I perused the Twitter feed of First Things Magazine, and two words were conspicuous by their absence—Amoris—Laetitia. Unusual for a Catholic religion journal of its prestige in the midst of a “Year of Reflection on Amoris Laetitia“, don’t you think? I didn’t see any reflections at Catholic Answers either. The only thing I was able to find over at Catholic Answers was a defense of Amoris Laetitia written by Tim Staples back in 2016 when Amoris was first published.

Although the dubia Cardinals disagree, perhaps Staples can take solace in the fact that Bishop Barron also likes Amoris Laetitia. And so do the German bishops, New Ways Ministry, and Fr. James Martin. What strange company Catholic Answers keeps nowadays.

Catholic Media Need to Wake Up

In an op-ed for LifeSite News, Abp. Viganò red-pilled the obtuse Catholic media world with a blistering indictment of the pope and his “health” conference:

The result is the super-imposition over the true Church of a sect of heretical and depraved Modernists who are intent on legitimizing adultery, sodomy, abortion, euthanasia, idolatry, and any perversion of the intellect and will. The true Church is now eclipsed, denied and discredited by her very Pastors, betrayed even by the one who occupies the highest Throne.

Screenshot from:
Screen grab from:

Excerpt From the Preface

This excerpt is taken from the preface to the new, expanded edition of Confronting the Pope of Suspicion. My warning: an alliance between this apostate pope and the fascist left will mean the persecution of the true Church:

Four cardinals tried to warn us, but nobody listened: Amoris Laetitia is poisoning our seminaries and our seminarians with its moral relativism. In this year of implementation, the plan is to destroy our local parishes as well. Of course, the cheerleaders for Amoris Laetitia wouldn’t describe it like that. They would call it modernization. Indeed, it is modern to grant approval to sexual sin—not Christian, but modern. If Amoris Laetitia takes hold of the Church, what we will get is a brand new church, founded, no longer on the teachings of Christ and the Apostles, but on the propaganda of modernity, which the modernists themselves call “science.”

This new church seeks its salvation, not in the approval of God, but of men. And therein lies the darkest secret of Amoris Laetitia. Because Amoris Laetitia sets aside the Commandments of God and grants permission to all the world to indulge its favorite sexual sins, the world will richly reward this new church of Bergoglio. And it will come at the expense of the true Church. Consider for a moment the dangerous prospect of an alliance, formal or not, between an apostate hierarchy and the secular powers of state and media. The likely consequence will be the disenfranchisement of the true Church in a dystopic mirroring of the situation in China where only the state-recognized unholy church enjoys any rights or protections, and all the members of the true Church become organ donors.

10 thoughts on “Are You Ready for the “Amoris Laetitia” Apostasy and the Great Catholic Reset?

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  4. Kate R.

    I’m not saying this would solve all problems, not at all, but if we have a priest or bishop who we suspect is having a hard time with AL and Rome as well, this would probably be a good book to put in their hands. I hold out little hope for faithful bishops and pastors to defy Bergoglio, however. We have many apostates and hirelings.

    1. John Gravino

      Thank you for your comment, Kate. You make an important point. The heresy in Amoris is now over 50 years old. It took over seminaries and theology departments immediately. But the reason it never filtered down into local parishes was because of the fidelity of our popes. John Paul actively fought against the heresy by writing Veritatis Splendor, firing theologians like Charles Curran, and taking over the Jesuit Order. The effect of John Paul’s crackdown was that it drove the heretics into hiding—and waiting. Now that Francis is in charge, they have come out of hiding.

      But it is important to realize that the movement started out as an evangelization effort. The heretics won because they persuaded people that they were right to argue that the Bible was too old to be reliable and that science was a better moral compass than Scripture.

      If someone tries to win an argument with these people by saying that their heresy is unbiblical, that argument will go nowhere. The heretics will say that our sexual morality NEEDS TO BE UNBIBLICAL. To the heretics, that their ideas are unbiblical is a point IN THEIR FAVOR.

      Thus, in my book, I don’t attack these heresies on the grounds that they are unbiblical (though I certainly mention the fact). Instead, I point out a different flaw. The rejection of the Bible and the elevation of “science” as the sole authority for sexual morality was the primary cause of the sexual abuse scandal. THIS IS WHY MY BOOK IS SO IMPORTANT. I’M THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD TO MAKE THAT CONNECTION—AMORIS LAETITIA PROMOTES THE VERY SAME HERESIES THAT WERE THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF THE SEXUAL ABUSE EPIDEMIC IN THE CHURCH. If their “scientific” sexual morality is so superior to the morality of the Bible and is more in harmony with human nature as they claim, why did their ideas lead to an epidemic of sexual abuse? They don’t have an answer.

      If people read and and studied the arguments and analyses in my book, they would be able to effectively shut down these pro-LGBT movements that are spreading through dioceses all over the world. Because the book is less than 100 pages (about 95 pages without the notes and bibliography) it really is an ideal resource for a group or parish study. This is especially urgent in this “Year of Reflection on Amoris Laetitia” because the heretics are using this year to promote the errors in Amoris Laetitia. Look at the tweet at the beginning of this article from New Ways Ministry. I’m the only person IN THE WORLD who wrote a refutation of their heretical argument. –JG

      1. Mark Williams

        Mr. Gravino, I respect your point, but let me propose a clarification. John Paul II was a progressivist, too. He is not a unique beacon of orthodoxy in the midst of the other conciliar popes – maybe he put on a good appearance for superficial conservatives, but as Pope he contradicted Catholic doctrine just as much as Francis.

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