[VIDEO—Book Talk] Can America Survive Joe Biden and the New Democrats?

The disappearance of Christianity from the Democratic Party has taken a terrible toll on our nation. If we want our nation to heal, we must return to church and to prayer.

Back in 2017, I did a series of video talks on the excellent Eric Metaxas book If You Can Keep It. In my opinion, his book does an excellent job of anticipating the fascism of the radical Left that broke out across the country in 2020. The video below is part 3 of my series, and it helps to make the connection between the Metaxas book and what we have been seeing from Democrats and their radical Left allies.

The original title of the video was “Can America Survive the New Atheism?” But it could have just as easily been titled “Can America Survive the New Democrats?” This is because, according to Pew Research, the largest religious group in the Democratic Party is, in fact, atheists—the so-called “Nones”—those that identify as having no religion. I discuss this fact in the video and its implications according to the Metaxas book. What are those implications? That people reject Christianity because they reject its teachings. More specifically, what people reject is the cross of self-denial. This criticism of Christianity has a long history, but it was Freud who gave this viewpoint its most potent formulation: Christian self-denial was psychologically harmful, according to Freud. And with that unproven thesis, Freud managed to convince the world with his pseudoscience that the world was better off without Christianity.

But Metaxas points out in his book that Christian self-denial is actually quite useful. True, it may be painful at times to restrain ourselves and some of our strongest passions. But democratic society cannot exist without such restraint. For compromise and cooperation are the sum and substance of democracy. Eventually everyone loses an election or a court case. And it takes self-restraint to handle those losses gracefully and charitably. The founding fathers believed that Christian self-denial trained people for democratic government, and that without such training, human beings would succumb to the darker forces of their selfish, hateful nature, and every election would descend into civil war.

There’s nothing more gratifying than when people intelligently respond to one’s writing! Thank you John Gravino!—Eric Metaxas

This video explains how contemporary research in neuroscience supports the claim that, without a force like Christianity to restrain our aggressive and violent passions, humans lose the capacity for cooperation, tolerance, and peace. The fascist mentality is ultimately the default position of every pagan, and that is exactly what the violent Democrats proved to us in 2020 and throughout the Trump presidency.

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