It Ain’t Over. . . . Chaos Breaks Out As GOP Sends Trump Voters to Electoral College


Pandemonium broke out on social media as electoral college votes were being cast yesterday. Reports began surfacing that Republicans from the contested swing states were sending their own slate of electors to cast votes for Trump. Can they do that? That depends. The authority to pick electors for the electoral college is granted to state legislatures alone, according to the Constitution. Individual states have passed laws to do things differently, but in the end, if the states make a fuss, the Constitution takes precedence over state law. Now all the legislatures in the contested states are Republican-controlled. If the Republican electors came from the state legislatures, then what happened is perfectly legal, and what we have is a contested election, which is then decided by Congress.

No media outlets from the major channels reported the story, as far as I could tell. And that includes Fox News. The story is being covered exclusively on social media and in the independent press, including Epoch Times, OANN, and NewsMax. See this excellent report from Epoch Times. ET is currently trying to ascertain whether the Trump electors were approved by the state legislatures or not.

Over in Michigan, state police attempted to prevent the Trump electors from entering the state capitol, but reports suggest that they were nevertheless successful in recording their votes. See the video tweet below from General Flynn.

Stay tuned to NewWalden for updates to this developing story.

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