Shocking Video Prompts Georgia Governor to Call for Election Audit


How many times have you been told that there is no evidence of voter fraud? Have a look at this surveillance video of the largest election center in Georgia, the State Farm Arena in Fulton County. According to witness testimony, the video shows what took place after four election workers sent everyone else home, explaining that counting was stopped until the next morning. So what happens? THEY TAKE OUT HIDDEN SUITCASES OF BALLOTS AND KEEP COUNTING, UNOBSERVED, UNTIL 1:00 AM! See for yourself:

That’s just a small clip of the surveillance video. The Trump legal team has video of the entire day. You can see more of the surveillance video and the witness’s testimony at Breitbart. The witness testifying in the video before the Georgia Senate is attorney Jacki Pick, who raises this excellent question:

So what are these ballots doing there separate from all the other ballots and why are they only counting them whenever the place is cleared out with no witnesses?


In response to the shocking evidence, Governor Brian Kemp is calling for an election audit, something Trump lawyers have demanded several times already:

The election in Georgia was a close one, with fewer than 13,000 votes separating Trump and Biden. This video clearly shows that the scale of fraud was large enough to overturn election results. But the mainstream media is censoring the evidence and filling the airwaves with leftist propaganda. The major networks are lying to the American people and are complicit in this treasonous election coup. If you are getting your news from the traditional standards, you need to make a switch. NewsMax and OANN have been providing comprehensive coverage of the election fraud hearings. Tune in and see for yourself how much overwhelming evidence there is of a national election fraud conspiracy that plotted to steal the presidency from the American voters.

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