SHELL-SHOCKED—Liberal Media Scramble to Cover Up New Revelations in Biden-Burisma Scandal


Yesterday, The New York Post shocked the world by revealing that it had acquired the alleged contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The contents included incriminating emails which appear to show Ukrainian gas company Burisma asking for Hunter’s help in their efforts to halt an investigation of the company. It has already been widely reported that Burisma had been paying Hunter $50,000 per month to sit on their board. The following are images of the emails in question, and they summarize the outline of the story as reported by NY Post:

Lining Up the Evidence

The first email is from Burisma executive Vadim Pozharskyi. He begins by describing a shakedown scheme that targeted Burisma by people in the Ukrainian government:

Email #1, Beginning:

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The letter then asserts that, because Burisma didn’t capitulate to the extortion attempt, they became the target of government investigations and interference. (See pink highlights below.) In the yellow highlights above, he identifies the “guilty” parties in the government who are interfering with Burisma. Pay attention to the fact that he names the “General Prosecutor” as one of the troublemakers. This is an important detail.

Email #1, Middle:

At the closing of the letter below, Pozharskyi asks Hunter to use his “influence” to stop the government’s interference, which would include the “General Prosecutor’s” department. See yellow highlights below:

Email #1, Closing:

The next email is also from Pozharskyi. It indicates that Hunter set up a meeting with his dad, who was vice president at the time. The email reads like a thank-you note for a meeting that already took place, possibly the evening before. But it could also be that the email is only describing meetings with Hunter, during which, Hunter extended an invitation for a future date. The Russian’s poor grammar makes it difficult to follow.

Email #2:

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Based on the first email above, though, it seems that Pozharskyi was trying all along to get to the vice president. And from the looks of things, it would appear that Pozharskyi was successful. Remember the “General Prosecutor” named as one of the bad guys? Here is a video of Joe Biden bragging about how he got the prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold a billion-dollar loan from the U.S. (The interview appears after the text.)

The Perils of Representative Government on Display—Whom Did Biden Represent???

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that he knew anything about Hunter’s business interests, but the evidence above would seem to contradict that. The facts are clear that a foreign company that was paying his son handsomely appears to have gained access to the vice president and to have benefitted from the vice president’s exercise of his considerable power. Senator Josh Hawley sums up the scandal nicely:

Censorship: The Second Scandal

The story broke early yesterday morning and quickly went viral. Both Facebook and Twitter intervened by removing the story from their sites, raising questions about whether the social media monopolies were violating the First Amendment. Twitter went so far as to suspend The New York Post’s account. But today, Twitter was running headlines that attempted to discredit the story. Their efforts were not very successful.

Washington Post

Twitter has been featuring an old WaPo article that contradicts the account of events above. Here is what the article says about the firing of the prosecutor:

There are two big problems with this claim: One, Shokin [the prosecutor] was not investigating Burisma or Hunter Biden, and two, Shokin’s ouster was considered a diplomatic victory.

The first “problem” is flatly contradicted by the emails above. The Burisma executive specifically identifies the prosecutor in the first email above. But the existence of those emails was unknown at the time the WaPo article was written, back in September of 2019. Assuming that the emails are authentic, they really are incontrovertible.

The second “problem” mentioned above—that the prosecutor’s firing was considered a victory—isn’t a problem at all. The first Burisma email implies that the prosecutor was crooked, and maybe he was. Perhaps there were many good reasons to get rid of him. Another possibility, though, is that Burisma is crooked and so bribed many Western leaders to purchase positive public relations. It’s possible that a very good prosecutor was villified by a very rich and powerful enemy.

So what?

How Western leaders felt about some Ukrainian prosecutor is beside the point. The emails above clearly show that Burisma valued Hunter for his connections. They paid him very well and most likely got a meeting with the vice president who then used his power to get rid of someone that Burisma didn’t like. The strength of that narrative is not threatened in any way by the Washington Post article that Twitter has been advertising with billboards all day.

Are the Emails Genuine?

The Washington Post published another article today that directly addresses the new revelations. Most of the article is just a smear job on Giuliani and Bannon, the two Trumpmen who obtained the the laptop contents for NY Post.

The strongest argument put forward in the article questions whether the emails are authentic. That’s really the best hope they have right now of refuting the NY Post article. Which is not much hope at all. It’s safe to say that Bannon and Giuliani are not on a suicide mission to get the president reelected. So that rules out the idea that they are behind a dangerous scheme to fabricate fake emails. Besides, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that suggests the emails are authentic and came from Hunter’s laptop. In addition to the emails, for example, The New York Post also published a number of unflattering, personal photos of Hunter—the kind of stuff that one might find on a personal computer. The publishers additionally claim that they have a sex tape that was on the computer. Thus, the fact is rather clearly established that Trump campaign operatives are in possession of Hunter’s computer, and so the emails are the real deal.

A Biden Presidency?

And those emails supply concrete evidence that, while Joe Biden was vice president, he conducted foreign policy to enrich himself and his family—just like a Third World dictator. If Biden wins the presidency, expect Hunter to be driving around in his very own gold-plated Lamborghini.



Tucker Carlson just reported last night that Ukraine’s former state prosecutor, Shokin, has submitted an affidavit which affirms that, in fact, Burisma was under investigation at the time that Biden was pressuring Ukraine to fire said prosecutor.

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