Update on the President, 10/5/20, #2—”HE’S BACK!” President Trump Is Leaving Hospital

Update, 10/5/20, #2

President Trump has just confirmed he will be discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center this evening at 6:30 p.m. God, bless the president!

Doctor says: “HE’S BACK!!!!”

On the Lighter Side

Update, 10/5/20, #1

It was announced yesterday that the president has improved so much that he might get to return to the White House today. And Trump’s videos show a strong and healthy man eager to get back to work leading this country. Here is Trump’s video from early yesterday evening:

In the video, Trump expresses his gratitude for all the patriots that came out to the hospital to show their support for him. And he hinted that he would be giving them a big surprise. Indeed, he made good on the promise:

In addition to a personal visit from the president, the crowd of well-wishers were also treated to pizza and dessert. President Trump ordered hundreds of boxes of pizza to be delivered to the crowd:

Next came the chocolate:

Massive Rally in NEW YORK CITY!!!

But the outpouring of love and support for President Trump was not confined to Walter Reed Medical Center. The video below shows a HUGE Trump rally in the middle of New York City:

Zogby Poll

A Trump rally in deep blue NYC??? These few anecdotes suggest a national trend. Post-COVID and post-debate, Trump appears to be gaining steam. The latest Zogby Poll seems to confirm this:

Stay tuned to NW for any developments in this story.

Update, 10/4/20

Yesterday afternoon, Jon Cooper, a long-time Democratic operative, warned us of the president’s imminent death:

Here is Donald Trump speaking from the the presidential suite at Walter Reed Medical Center later the same day:

I would say that reports of the president’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Please keep the president and first lady in your prayers.

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