CHAZ Update—Video: Police Take Over Chazmania Today

[Note: Updates to original post appear at the end.]

Multiple sources are now reporting that one person has died and another is in critical condition from a shooting inside Seattle’s Antifa-occupied “autonomous” zone, known as the CHAZ. (I discussed the violent nature of the Antifa occupation here.)

Here is a report from The Guardian

A 19-year-old man was killed and another person was in critical condition after a pre-dawn shooting in Seattle’s protest zone, authorities said on Saturday.

The shooting happened at about 3am in the area near downtown known as the Chaz, short for “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”, police said in a statement on Twitter.

Seattle’s police department claimed in a press release on Saturday morning that when officers responded to reports of gunshots inside the protest zone, they “were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims”.

Police were later informed that the protesters’ own medics transported the two gunshot wound victims to a hospital, the department said.

Two males with gunshot wounds arrived in a private vehicle at Harborview medical center at about 3am, said a hospital spokeswoman, Susan Gregg. The 19-year-old man died and the other person was in critical condition in intensive care.

Human Remains Discovered in Seattle

Other reports are stating that human remains were found on a beach in Seattle, which appears to be partially confirmed by tweets from the Seattle P.D:

Stay tuned for details.


Here is video of the chaotic moments after the shooting:

Update 6/22-20: Another Shooting Incident Sunday Night

Reports are coming in that at least one person was injured in a second shooting that took place Sunday night. That’s two shooting incidents for two consecutive evenings in a place that has replaced its police department with a “community policing” program administered by Antifa. The Democrat mayor has said she has no plans to discontinue CHAZ, which she has described as peaceful—a “summer of love.”

Update, 6/23/20: Seattle Mayor Announces Plan to Shut Down CHAZ

Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, has announced plans to dismantle the Antifa-occupied area of Seattle known as CHAZ and to return the police to the area. This is in response to the shootings that have taken place in the region and is a reversal of policy for the Democrat mayor. One wonders whether other Democrats who have voiced support for getting rid of police departments will wise up as well.

A member of the Seattle City Council theorizes that the violence isn’t coming from the CHAZ, but from right-wing Trump supporters. Her statement fails to mention the documented attacks of CHAZ members against journalists and Christians, which I described here. But it contributes to the false narrative being promoted by the liberal media that only Republicans do bad things. This video sums up the FakeNewsTM that is being spewed about Chazmania:

Mostly Peaceful?

“Mostly peaceful” is the way the liberal mainstream media has characterized violent rioters and Chazmanian devils. Of course, when you look at the amount of time spent torturing and murdering people as a percentage of the total amount of time spent on earth, most homicidal maniacs could be described as “mostly peaceful.” Eg. The Manson Family was “mostly peaceful.” They spent most of their time in other activities:

  • doing drugs and
  • doing nothing constructive

Look for more on the danger of FakeNewsTM coming soon.

Update 6/27/2020

Reports say that Chazmania was quickly disbanded after Democrats met with the Antifa leaders running it. Which raises a lot of questions about the relationship between the Democratic party and Antifa. My friend John Zmirak discusses the implications here. And I discussed the same concerns here.

The following tweets give you a good look at recent developments:

Update, 6/30/20, Two Black Minors Shot at Chazmania

Reports of yet another shooting, this one early Monday morning. A sixteen-year-old black male was killed and a fourteen-year-old is in critical condition. Not a great advertisement for community policing, to say the least. Which is why the local businesses are suing. And the mayor has decided to bring back the police department.

How is anyone supposed to feel safe, or even happy, in a place called “CHOP” after the French Revolution? Watch the last video above. The name celebrates the use of violence—more specifically, decapitation, as a means of enforcing a narrow set of political interests. Some people on the Left are openly advocating for the use of violence against anyone who disagrees with them politically. You think drinking straws are okay? CHOP. You agree with the science that says that there are only two sexes/genders? CHOP. You think abortion should be illegal? CHOP.

No, NewWalden Has Not Become Political.

A reader of NW contacted me yesterday to express his displeasure with the direction that NewWalden is taking. “You’ve become political,” he said. No, I haven’t.

The use of violence to gain political power, is, itself, not a political issue. IT’S A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. CHOP supporters are violating our Constitution and Bill of Rights—our natural, God-given rights. All members of the media and political arena need to condemn the violence, or they share in the guilt of this totalitarian uprising. Ask yourself what AOC is saying in this video about the violence and riots. Because it sounds to me like she is saying that ending the rioting is contingent on accepting her political agenda.

See 1:11

I am quite sure that there are many pro-life advocates who hear AOC and think that her words are even more justified in the fight against abortion. And yet, they reject those rationalizations for violent political action because they understand that multiplying the evil you oppose is irrational and counterproductive. She clearly is saying that “standing up to for-profit real estate developers” is a condition of ending the riots. Really? Plenty of rational and moral people were raised to understand that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and that “the ends do not justify the means.” And violence is never acceptable—except as a last resort against real violence—not the “violence of high rent.”

And I am also quite sure that AOC herself would never accept her own arguments if they came from pro-life advocates.

Update, 7/1/20

Today, the police arrived in force to put a final end to Chazmania:

Here is the Seattle police chief, Carmen Best, during her press conference in Chazmania yesterday. Notice how much harassment she had to endure. Her comments are important:

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