My Medjugorje Experiences

Since Good Friday, a number of people have contacted me and asked me for more information about my trip to Medjugorje.  Let me tell you that I have another video planned, which should be out real soon.  But before that happens, I need to finish up a major research project on the sexual abuse crisis.  That should be out in the next few days.

Many people are sensing the coming of the something new and perhaps terrible, and the events of this past Holy Week have made this feeling more acute.  This is true for me as well.  These events seem to be tying together the various disparate elements of my public religious life.  The people who read my book and articles, which deal with the Church and our culture in the natural order rarely tend to be the same as those who are interested in my Medjugorje video, which deals with Church matters in the supernatural order.

After I publish my next ebook, that may begin to change, as the natural and supernatural orders appear to be colliding with one another.   We are now witnessing the unfolding of prophetic events.  The things we read about in the newspaper are the very things that the prophets spoke about in ages past.

This all seems to be pretty vague, but it will be much clearer after my next couple of projects are published.  Stay tuned.  And keep awake!

One thought on “My Medjugorje Experiences

  1. Alex j

    Some decades ago I read of a man buying his first Rolls Royce with an expectation of ‘standing out’ from the ordinary motorist. To his surprise his first excursion revealed how much he had underestimated the number of other Rolls Royce motorist were on the same route as himself or journeying in the opposite direction. This phenomena is known as the “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon” more commonly described as a “Frequency Illusion”. Five times the appropriate Church authorities have dismissed claims of supernatural events associated with the alleged Medjugorje apparitions, I would suggest carrying out a thorough research on the topic before ‘hurriedly’ satisfying the pique of interest you have, however unwittingly, created by your comments to date. Should I be wrong in forming such a picture of your good self, then assuredly you have my sincere apology.

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