12 thoughts on “Should We Boycott the “Bishop’s Annual Appeal”? Take the Poll.

  1. Colleen Reese

    When was John Gravino made judge, jury and executioner of our parish. Father Bill is one of the finest priests I have had the pleasure of meeting. How dare you push a priest, who is trying to relate to his congregation, to the point of resigning. Father Bill’s departure is one of the biggest mistakes the congregation has made. May God forgive you for what you’ve done.

    1. Scholastyka

      Colleen, May God forgive you, for not knowing and following Him, but believing false idols who claim to hold the Truth.

      1. Gene cascone

        Shame on you so what you believe about father bill is what we should all fell I will not complete back to this sit every again shame on you all ✝ and I will send all I have to the bishop and the cardinal and to Rome

  2. Gene cascone

    Who does he think he is ,who was notified about that vote he conducted only the people in his group we need to send letters to the bishop and to the pope in Rome because the pope has realized the old ways are not working and we have to reach out to the younger generation to take over as we return home

  3. Donna Marie Gribschaw

    John, who was Jesus? What did Jesus do? With whom did Jesus associate? Rich? Human beings? People needing healed? Let us remember that Jesus was Jewish, not Roman Catholic.

    1. Randy Carson

      Donna, let us also remember that Jesus, the second Person of the Trinity, only promised to build one Church.

      The early Church – the Church founded by Christ as promised in Matthew 16:18 – was that which was originally known as “the Way” (cf. Acts 24:14). Later, those individuals who followed Christ began to be called “Christians” beginning at Antioch (cf. Acts 11:26). As early as 107 A.D., those same individuals referred to themselves collectively as the “Catholic Church”. In a letter to the Church of Smyrna, Ignatius of Antioch wrote:

      You must all follow the bishop as Jesus Christ follows the Father, and the presbytery (priest) as you would the Apostles. Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church (Letter to the Smyrnaeans, A.D. 107, [8,1])

      Notice that Ignatius does not take pains to introduce the term “Catholic Church”; instead he uses it in a manner suggesting that the name was already in use and familiar to his audience. This further suggests that the name, Catholic Church, had to have been coined much earlier in order to have achieved wide circulation by the time of this writing. In other words, the Christian assembly was calling itself the Catholic Church during the lifetime of the last Apostle, John, who died near the end of the first century. John, the beloved disciple, may have thought of himself as a member of the Catholic Church!

      The Catholic Church began with Peter and the Apostles and continued without interruption or cessation through their disciples (Ignatius, Irenaeus, Polycarp, Clement, Justin Martyr, etc.) down to the present day. As a side note, it appears that the believers in Antioch may have coined both terms still in use today: “Christian” and “Catholic Church” – terms they used to describe the one body of believers in Christ.

  4. Barbara Kay Kapp

    Who would question the theology as Mary mother of God? Who would not allow any reference to “Christ the King”. Who would say that not attending mass on Sunday was not a sin? Who would say “ I no longer say Lord I am not Worthy … because I am worthy.” Who would consistently belittle the sacraments?

    1. Chris

      What does this have to do with Supporting the fellow people in need in our diocese? What Fr. Bill need is prayers. What The people who are most vulnerable need is everything that the BAA supports.
      What kind of Christian are you to even ask this kind of question, John?

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