Fr. Long: “St. Paul Was in Error.”

This recording is very short. It comes from Sunday Mass, January 21, 2018. Fr. Long’s custom is to give an introduction before each reading, and, here, Long is introducing the second reading, which comes from 1Cor. 7:29–31.  Long’s message is predictable:  St. Paul was at a “lower level of development.”  He had an “incorrect world view,” which explains why “he was in error.”

We know what was “incorrect” about Paul’s views from the previous recordings. Fr. Long claims that Paul lacked a “scientific understanding of sexuality and sexual orientation.”  But because we are smarter now, in Long’s humble opinion, we understand that there is nothing wrong or disordered about homosexuality.  This of course is a direct contradiction of Romans, chapter 1, where St. Paul identifies homosexuality as an unnatural passion.  The Catechism retains Paul’s language, and there is now a growing movement to change the Catechism and remove Paul’s language.  But to do that isn’t simply to change the Catechism, which of course can be done.  It actually changes the Gospel, and this cannot be done.

More reports and recordings on the way.

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3 thoughts on “Fr. Long: “St. Paul Was in Error.”

  1. Chris

    So, you are asking your readers, probably Catholics, to boycott the BAA because of one person, whom you do not agree with, Fr. Bill?
    And how does this not make you a “cafeteria Catholic” just like everyone else in our church?
    Seriously, you are not doing the rest of our Diocese population, Catholic or not Catholic, any good by denying the least vulnerable, the most in need, some financial support. BAA is for supporting human beings, not for making a plea to punish a priest that you do not like.

    Have you ever met anyone who follows *all* the rules in the Catechism? If not, then aren’t all your fellow Catholics “cafeteria Catholics” ?

    1. Randy Carson


      A “cafeteria Catholic” is one who picks and chooses what doctrines of the Church he or she will not accept. This one rejects transubstantiation. That one believes that women should be priests. They both believe that contraception is okay for a married Catholic couple. This is where grace, faith, obedience, submission and free will all come together.

      However, supporting the BAA is not a matter of obedience…the supporting the BAA is akin to supporting the KofC Spaghetti Dinner. The BAA just gets more publicity.

      As for following “all the rules in the Catechism”, I’m not sure about that…but I’m pretty sure that by God’s grace there are many, millions even, of Catholics who accept the TEACHINGS of the Church as presented in the Catechism – even as they struggle and fall in their attempts to remain faithful to them.

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