It’s an historic victory for human rights in America. Roe V. Wade was overturned and abortion is no longer the cruel law of the land. It’s been 50 years and 50 million abortions since Roe was passed, but today the slaughter comes to an end. Abortion law will now return to the states, and more than half are expected to enact anti-abortion measures right away. David Muir of CBS News called it “a new era.” And indeed it is. Today is one of those days that will imprint itself on our memories forever.

(I was giving my daughter driving lessons on our way home from daily Mass when we got the news. My wife called me on my cell phone.)

“A New Era” of Clarity

Indeed it is a new era—an era of clarity. Consider reactions from Democrats to the SCOTUS decision and to the leaked document. Here is video of Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez leading a protest in front of the Supreme Court:

Now, of course, the chant is a lie. The Supreme Court’s decision was completely legitimate. They did exactly what the Supreme Court is supposed to do. The court functioned properly. What the Democrats don’t like is that the decision went against them. So they call it “illegitimate.” Keith Olbermann has called for the dissolution of the Supreme Court. Seems a bit extreme and inefficient to dissolve a branch of government when we lose. It also sounds unconstitutional. Maybe even smacks a bit of insurrection.

We’ve seen this before. The Democrats called the 2016 Trump election victory illegitimate too. “Not my president” was the familiar chorus then. And the protests never let up. False charges of collusion with Russia led to a sham impeachment of Trump which, providentially, ended in the president’s just acquittal.

When Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, he found himself the target of rape allegations for the first time in his life. Nobody but partisan Democrats “believed” the smear job.

Then there was that skinny Catholic kid at the D.C. March for Life just quietly waiting for his school bus. Because he was white, pro-life, and a Trump supporter, Nick Sandmann got called a racist. He became the target of violence and death threats, some even coming from CNN journalists.

Do you see the pattern? It casts the “Never-Trump” era in a whole new light. Here is what National Catholic Reporter called Trump just today:

[T]he most corrupt and morally degenerate president in history.


Democrats No Longer Play by the Rules

Once we see the pattern we can understand that the “Never Trump” movement was never principled. Heck, they talk exactly the same way about a cub scout. The Nick Sandmann dogpile should have opened more eyes than it did. It’s all propaganda to discredit and delegitimize a political opponent. It’s also defamation—immoral, illegal, and diabolical. Don’t be surprised when you hear calls for investigation and impeachment of Supreme Court justices.

Worse than Defamation

The Democrats refuse ever to admit that they lost an election or court case fair and square. This is a new development. And a dangerous one. Politicians need to be made accountable when they encourage people to break the law. That’s exactly what Jen Psaki did when she encouraged people to protest at the homes of the SC justices. It’s a federal crime to do that, whether the protest is “peaceful” or not. And it led to an assassination attempt against Brett Kavanaugh.

News outlets are reporting that far left groups around the country have planned violent attacks against Catholic churches and pregnancy centers. Democrats must be held accountable if their only response is to defund the police and bail out the suspects. Law and order is not just a “Republican thing.” It’s a civilization thing.

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