MUST SEE VIDEO: LGBT “Pastor” Gets Immediate Response From God

Brandan Robertson is a well known fixture across social media. I had a tussle with him on Twitter a couple years back, and he blocked me. In this 30-second video, he manages to sum up the Global Reset agenda for Christianity: IT WILL BE LGBT-INCLUSIVE. The Scriptural teaching that homosexuality is a sin manifests Christian “selfishness,” Brandan tells us, and Christians must learn to die to self. In fact, as Robertson gaysplains to us, Christians have a lot to learn from gay people about “dying to self and new life . . . ” Then God interrupts him. See for yourself:


One thought on “MUST SEE VIDEO: LGBT “Pastor” Gets Immediate Response From God

  1. russedav15

    See “The gay invention” at for a fine exposing of the “gay/homosex-” lie and fraud that has brainwashed most professing Christians who don’t take the prohibitions Jesus wrote both pre-incarnate to Moses in Leviticus 18 & 20 & post-resurrection to Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 & ! Timothy 1:10 seriously.

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