“A Demonic Force” in St. Peter’s Basilica? Cardinal Burke Says So

The good cardinal was referring of course to the worship of Pachamama in St. Peter’s during the Amazon synod. I’ve previously written about this here and here. Burke is asking for people to do penance in reparation for this idolatry, as you can see from the tweet below.

He specifically identified yesterday as the day for the penance, but I have a different thought about this whole issue. In my previous post, I mentioned how four exorcists had called for penance on December 6th. But instead of proceeding in such a haphazard manner, why not just ask people to dedicate their advent to doing penances for the purification of the Church? It’s a penitential season anyway, so it makes sense.

Pope Francis

Of course the person responsible for this demonic possession is Pope Francis. His fiftieth anniversary of ordination happens to be today, fittingly, on Friday the 13th. It is also, appropriately, the feast day of St. Lucy, patroness of the blind.


How do you plan to commemorate the occasion? I think I might rewatch episode 41 of The Twilight Zone, “The Howling Man.” It’s the story of a stupid, arrogant man who won’t listen to the members of an old monastery and unwittingly releases the Devil from prison. (Fun for the whole family!) Then I might say a prayer for Pope Francis.

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