Pope Francis Is Playing with Fire

At the Mass for the opening of the Amazon Synod on October 6th, Pope Francis commented on the recent outbreak of fires in the Amazon rainforest. This is not surprising, given that biblically-minded Christians might be wondering whether the worst Amazon inferno in a decade was a sign of God’s displeasure with the Pope Francis regime . Francis reassured us that this was not the case:

God’s fire burns but does not consume. It is the fire of love that illumines, warms and gives life, not a fire that blazes up and devours.


What an extraordinary deconstruction of the Bible that was! How on earth do you square such perspicacious biblical exegesis with the facts of the Bible? God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire! Certainly reasonable people can agree that, if indeed the recent Amazon fires are a sign from God, they send a very different message from the one Francis has spun for us—hence, the following video, where I play the YouTube prophet:

Video on Amazon Synod

In the video, I discuss the prophecies of Quito, Ecuador—which were approved by the local bishop. Those prophecies occurred over 400 years ago and they predicted that our era would be punished severely for its sins—three in particular: heresy, impurity, and blasphemy. These three sins have very clearly manifested themselves in the reign of Pope Francis. So will we see the prophesied punishments predicted at Quito centuries earlier?

What Did the Quito Prophecy Say?

In the video, I mention a particular Quito prophecy that says that fire would consume the inhabitants of Ecuador as a punishment for their cooperation in the three great sins of the 20th century. Ecuador is located in the Amazon River basin, and it is a participating nation in the Amazon Synod in Rome. Thus, if we are going to view the Amazon fires as a sign from God, it wouldn’t be a crazy theory to suggest that they are a sign that the Quito prophecies of divine chastisement are being fulfilled. Ecuador is a sign representing the entire Amazon region and, indeed, all the guilty nations of the world. What is Ecuador’s (the Amazon’s) great sin? That it is cooperating with Pope Francis in the spreading of heresy, impurity, and blasphemy. Consider the following:

  • April 16, 2016, just eight days after the publication of the heretical Amoris Laetitia, Ecuador is hit with a devastating 7.8 earthquake. Was this a sign of punishment for heresy?
  • February 22, 2019, during the Vatican summit on clergy sexual abuse, Ecuador is hit with another devastating earthquake—7.5. Was this a sign of punishment for the sins of impurity in the Church?
  • If this is a correct interpretation of the “signs,” then the Amazon fires could be a sign of punishment for blasphemy. Or they could be a more general sign indicating the fulfillment of the Quito prophecies. But let’s stay with the blasphemy theory for a moment. Have we seen any evidence of blasphemy at the Amazon Synod?

The Desolating Abomination

If you have been following the Amazon synod, you are aware of the controversy concerning some statues of a naked lady. On the opening day of the synod, there was a ceremony, attended by Pope Francis, in which people formed a circle around the statue and bowed down to it. The statue was also processed into St. Peter’s Basilica. Workers associated with the statue have claimed that it represents “Pachamama,” an Amazonian fertility goddesss. Certainly the worship of a false goddess is a blasphemy against the one, true God. Moreover, the fact that it was processed into St. Peter’s Basilica makes the matter apocalyptically worse. Its resemblance to the “desolating abomination” in the Bible is uncanny. That event referred to the placement of a pagan idol in the Jewish temple. In Matthew 24, Jesus warned that a future “desolating abomination” would be a sign of a great and unparalleled tribulation that would occur during the end-times. Thus it is quite possible that we actually are witnessing the appearance of a sign foretold by Jesus Christ himself— a sign of terrible punishment. In an earlier video, I explained my reasons for believing that in fact this is what is happening. We are entering an era of chastisement for our sins. The Amazon synod is a sign that that punishment is very near to happening. But before the great tribulation begins, we will see signs of punishment that are intended to warn us to prepare spiritually for the coming of divine judgment and chastisement. Might one of these warning signs happen today? Maybe.

The Quito Pattern

Consider this: the previous two punishments of Ecuador, mentioned above, occurred on days with significant connections to popes. April 16th is Pope emeritus Benedict’s birthday. February 22nd is the feast of the Chair of St. Peter. If in fact those two earthquakes were punishments for heresy and impurity respectively, then will the punishment for blasphemy (the third sin mentioned in the Quito prophecy) also occur on a papal feast day? It’s a definite possibility. In fact it may have already happened.

Fire Consumes Southern California

October 11th was the feast day of Pope St. John XXIII. And on that day, while the Amazon synod was taking place, a massive fire swept through parts of Southern California. This was no ordinary fire. It forced the evacuation of 100,000 residents—truly a disaster of biblical proportions. Is this fire prophetically connected to the Quito prophecies and to the Amazon Synod’s blasphemous worship of a pagan idol? Ask yourself this question. The idol in question (Pachamama) was of a naked woman. Does our world make an idol of feminine beauty and the female form? It certainly does. When viewed from this perspective, the Pachamama idol is not just a prophetic symbol of pagan idolatry, but, equally, a symbol of idolatry in the secularized Christian world as well. And no part of the world is guiltier than that part of Southern California that went up in flames. That’s the San Fernando Valley—the porn capital of the world.

Happy Feast Day of Pope St. John Paul II!

Today is St. John Paul’s feast day, but given the pattern of divine chastisement, it’s a fair question to ask whether we should be celebrating or taking cover. In the video above, I explain that these punishments serve as signs that are meant to communicate a message to us:

  • That the prophecies of chastisement from Quito are being fulfilled now
  • That we are being punished for the sins of heresy, impurity, and blasphemy.
  • That their close proximity to events of the Francis pontificate lays the blame squarely on Pope Francis—for the heresies, blasphemies, and sexual impurities of the Catholic Church.
  • That we must repent of our sins and prepare for God’s imminent judgment and punishment.

What are my plans for today? I intend to celebrate the feast day of Pope St. John Paul II! But with a hard hat, asbestos suit, and a flak jacket. Happy feast day!

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    John, a bit more background
    The expedition that discovered the Amazon river left from Quito in 1541 and is part of our national cahuvinism to say “Es gloria de Quito el descubrimiento del rio Amazonas”
    Your tying this to the “Virgen de buen suceso” is fascinating

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