Courts Decree That We Have No Right to Dissent Against Abortion

Folks, this is important, whatever your political beliefs are.  Our conscience rights as Americans are being taken away. Read this from Travis Weber at The Daily Signal (bold emphasis is mine):

Last week, in a development which is a loss for freedom, pluralism, and tolerance in America, the Supreme Court declined to take up the case of Stormans v. Wiesman.This should not be a difficult case. It involves pharmacy owners (members of the Stormans family) who do not want to dispense certain drugs that can kill human life in its earliest stages due to their moral and religious beliefs, yet are willing to refer potential customers to nearby pharmacies.Because the drugs are carried by more than 30 other pharmacies within five miles of the Stormans’ pharmacy, it seems that there is a clear way in this case for conscience to be honored and the customers to receive their drugs. So what is the problem with Stormans’ customer referrals?The problem is that the state of Washington put in place regulations permitting pharmacies to make referrals for a host of secular reasons but barring pharmacies from referring customers elsewhere for religious or moral reasons.

Source: Supreme Court Stands by and Watches as Religious Freedom Is Curtailed

It’s important for every American to remember that if conscience rights can be taken away from one group, they can be taken away from any group.  This is a kind of secular totalitarianism. And it is unconstitutional.  But the case was rejected by the Supreme Court!

These regulations were challenged as a violation of the Free Exercise Clause due to their targeting of religious beliefs. The Supreme Court had an opportunity to hear the case, yet declined. Justice Alito (joined by Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Thomas) dissented from the court’s denial of review.  Source: Supreme Court Stands by and Watches as Religious Freedom Is Curtailed

Please read the whole Weber article.  It’s important. JG

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