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The last few days have been quite eventful. First off, I realized my ebook did not have a table of contents that was linked to the chapters.  This was a huge oversight on my part, but I have since fixed the problem.

Now let me offer you a quick review of the ebook.  I give it a “thumb’s up” overall. I admit that it suffers from one stylistic drawback.  The ebook is a conversion of the physical manuscript, which hyphenates long words at the end of a line, as books typically do.  But the ebook does not honor the original layout, so many of these hyphenated words no longer appear at the end of lines.  Thus you will find that my ebook is liberally sprinkled with hyphens that serve no purpose.  You could look at it this way: with the ebook, you get extra hyphens at no extra charge!  Actually, I plan to go back and delete the offending hyphens when I get the time—probably this summer.  If you buy the ebook now, you will be able to update to the cleaner version for free when it becomes available.

But let me not leave you with the impression that the ebook is just a crummy version of the physical book.  It also offers a distinct advantage over the physical book, which is this: The endnotes include direct links to online sources.  All you need to do is click on the link, and you have immediate access to the research source!  This is a huge labor-saving advantage for people doing research—an advantage that more than compensates for the annoying hyphens, in my humble and objective opinion. 😉  And let’s not forget that the ebook is a whole lot cheaper too!

And now for bigger news. I’ve been invited to speak at The Center for Spirituality, Theology, and Health at Duke University Medical School.  I will be speaking about the research in my book, The Immoral Landscape (of the New Atheism).  More about this as the date for the talk gets closer. JG

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