Let’s Rebuild St. Andrew’s. We Can Start with the Library.

I am posting the comments of “through another lens” because, frankly, they stunned me:

“Paul, I do not believe the 4 staff members who were fired without cause or notice (all on the same day) or the 2 additional staff members who resigned would share in the view that Fr. Long “… acted in ways closer to …(how)…Jesus would have than any other priest…” Fr. Long did not want to give these staff members severance, but the Diocese insisted on severance to avoid litigation.

Fr. Long also did not want to take up second collections for the poor. Again, the Diocese insisted.

Fr. Long admonished and berated parishioners, especially at daily Mass, who were attempting to practice their faith according to the principles they had been taught since childhood. He told us watching EWTN and reading Scott Hahn was a waste of time and instead recommended Matthew Fox, the originator of Creation Spirituality – a “religion” devoid of Christ. He regularly made fun of the people he labeled as the “church police” and “rule followers”.

Fr. Long threw away many books from our church library that were not in line with his thinking. He cautioned staff who were aware of this not to report the trashing of

Apologetics section seems to be missing a few items.

these books in the annual audit of the library’s resources. Our volunteer church librarian was operating under the assumption that someone had taken/stolen the books without using the honor checkout system until the truth came to light.

The alarm and concern that arose from our parish was not about the good and positive messages Fr. Long proclaimed. It was not about his charming and effusive congeniality. It was about his seeding his homilies and Daily Reflections with his extreme beliefs v.s. the basic principles of our Catholic faith found in the Creed. It was about his extreme micromanaging of previously well-functioning staff and ministries to the point of uncertainty, anxiety and fear.

St. Andrew has had many dedicated priests who have shepherded the parish for the past 35 years. They all, including Fr. Long, had their strengths and weaknesses. I had a positive relationship with each of these men, including Fr. Long. I truly wanted him to succeed but knew that Fr. Long’s unchecked words and actions would eventually be his downfall.”

If you have some books to donate to the parish library, you would be filling a huge need. JG

5 thoughts on “Let’s Rebuild St. Andrew’s. We Can Start with the Library.

  1. titrisol

    How could we rescue the books if most of us didn’t know they were missing for a few weeks?
    Is there is a list of books that would be needed??? I think it will be easier so that we don’t bring/buy doubles 😉

    1. Steve Schneider

      I was merely referring to the reference in the post about people being told not to report it. That suggests that some people knew about it. Maybe I misunderstood.

      1. titrisol

        True, hopefully a few of the books are recoverable
        There were some ancient gems in there!
        But most of us did not have that luxury, so let’s look at what books are needed and how we can get them 😉

  2. Steve Schneider

    So nobody rescued these books??? That is almost as big an offense as throwing them out in the first place.

  3. C. Davis

    The box of Kleenex sitting there is a very poetic symbol of all the grief we have endured over the past 6 months. Thank God our parish can get back to practicing our faith again.

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