Habemus Pastorem? Seeing Smoke at St. Andrew’s. . . .

It is a long-standing journalistic tradition to speculate about papal successions and some-such things and to report every rumor that comes along.  We at NewWalden have higher standards however. Which is why we spared you the Fr. Philip Johnson rumor—he was simply too young and inexperienced for the rumor to be credible.  But a new rumor has surfaced. . . .

NewWalden is working to confirm a report that Rev. John Durbin has been named to replace Fr. Long at St. Andrew’s.  The source claims that the information comes from a person with connections to a diocesan employee.  According to the source, Fr. Durbin is supposed to take over in March, and other sources indicate that he will act as an interim administrator until the bishop can appoint a permanent replacement in the summer.

The report makes sense for a couple of reasons. First, he is currently the pastor at All Saints in Hampstead, so he has the age and experience to run a large parish like St. Andrew’s. Second, All Saints has a Pastor Emeritus on staff, Rev. Terrence Collins, who presumably is able, qualified, and ready at hand to assume the pastoral responsibilities.  It’s a logical choice, frankly.  Most parishes don’t have an extra pastor to spare.

NewWalden has contacted Fr. Durbin directly and is waiting for a response. We will keep you posted.

One thought on “Habemus Pastorem? Seeing Smoke at St. Andrew’s. . . .

  1. Jack Gallagher

    Fr. Terry Collins, (Pastor Emeritus) is “Retired” and is…. no way “Presumably able, qualified, and ready at hand to assume the pastoral responsibilities”. We wish Fr. Durbin God Speed toward his new assignment.
    Jack Gallagher
    All Saints Parishioner.

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