Australian Report on Child Abuse Blames Celibacy


The Australian Royal Commission on Child Abuse just published its final report December 15, 2017. All the headlines are reporting that the Royal Commission blames celibacy, but as this segment from New Walden shows, celibacy shouldn’t be blamed at all.  In this brief twelve-minute video, I provide some sorely needed perspective for the priest abuse scandal.  Just exactly how extensive is the priest scandal in comparison to child abuse in general?  Does the practice of celibacy make a person more likely to commit abuse?  What does the data tell us about these questions?  You won’t find the answers to these questions anywhere in the media.  In fact, the scandal is now sixteen years old here in the United States, and never has this kind of objective analysis been done even though the scandal has never really left the front pages of newspapers all around the country.  Here at NewWalden things are different. We look at the facts; we uncover the truth.  See for yourself.


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