Mass Apostasy Update

I am in the midst of preparing the next installment for my series on the present mass apostasy.  But I want to offer these two sources right away—they are that important. The first is the full video of Bishop Robert Barron’s recent lecture for First Things Magazine. The bishop’s message is the same one he has been consistently preaching now for more than a year at least: we need to counteract the damage done to the Church by the arguments of the New Atheists.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will be familiar with the bishop’s message because I’ve discussed it in previous posts .  (Also here.)

And this other video comes from a lecture given by Edward Pentin, the Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Register. He presents a riveting summary of the present pontiff’s questionable doings.  Please watch the whole thing.  It will open your eyes.

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