Dispatch—Dec. 13, 2021: Zmirak on Ivermectin “Hesitancy”

An Illinois hospital refused to administer medical care to a Covid-19 patient who lay dying on a ventilator for a month until a court order intervened. The man fully recovered after being administered Ivermectin according to a press release from the law firm representing the patient. John Zmirak includes a sizable excerpt from that press release. And he raises some excellent questions about this disturbing story. Aren’t we citizens of the free world being forced to give up our freedoms for the sake of our health? If so, then why are medications being withheld from patients? Why is it better to languish and die on a ventilator than to receive an inexpensive and effective treatment? Could it be that the new Covid tyranny is not really about protecting our health? Zmirak connects the dots for us in this compelling article:

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