Recent Interviews on the Great Catholic Reset

Christine Harrington and I got together to discuss my latest article about how the debate over vaccine mandates follows a script for religious persecution that I outlined in my book. The big lesson from the interview (and the article) is that the pope and bishops are working to undermine our religious freedom protections! Why are they doing that? Because many of our shepherds no longer believe the teachings of the Church, and they hate those of us who continue to believe and practice the true Faith. Here’s the video interview:

The Great Catholic Reset with Zmirak, Jones, and Coffin

Here are two other interviews that I did on the same subject. Somehow I forgot to post these to NewWalden. The discussion with Jason Jones and John Zmirak is long—over two hours. But it’s very informative, and I had a great time talking to those guys. But if you’re short on time, John Zmirak gives a great “Readers’ Digest” summary in this article.

Third Time’s a Charm on The Patrick Coffin Show

I always enjoy my conversations with Patrick Coffin. This last time was no exception. Check it out:

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