Calling America’s Policemen: Welcome to Mayberry! Red States Now Hiring!

This should be the policy of every red state in America:

  • We are increasing our police force.
  • We will pay your moving expenses.
  • We will raise your salaries and benefits.
  • We will increase your vacation time.

As if the country has not had enough misery and tragedy the past couple of weeks, a growing chorus of big-city Democrats is now calling for the dissolution of police departments. That’s a winning idea that will sweep voters off their feet! Who are these leading lights?

Reports indicate that a “veto-proof” majority of the Minneapolis City Council supports the disbanding of their police force. This majority includes college dropout and comic book author Jeremiah Ellison, the son of Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s Attorney General and former Deputy Chair of the DNC.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Jeremiah has openly expressed support for the violent, radical-left, anarchy-promoting group Antifa—a group whose primary obstacle is the police. No conflict of interest there.

“Am I Willing to Sacrifice Everything I Have?”

Other notable supporters of this creative solution to police brutality include the ever popular mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio. Imagine NYC without a police force. Liberal magazine Mother Jones reports that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is also on board, and at least one writer from the magazine thinks the idea to defund the police is long overdue:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also jumped on the bandwagon. No surprise there. Here’s her illuminating speech exhorting other political leaders to join the movement to defund police departments. In a moment of unwitting clarity, Ocasio-Cortez rightly describes the defund movement as a willingness “to sacrifice everything.” Indeed. The sacrifice of peace, law, order, and human life—most would agree that this insane, nihilistic idea would sacrifice everything.

So what’s my advice? Go ahead and do it, Democrats. You want to make excuses for and defend anarchy movements like Antifa? You want to aid and abet the cause of such violent mob movements? Go ahead. It will make political decisions in 2020 much easier for the nation.

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