NC to Begin Phase 1 of Lockdown Termination


The state of North Carolina begins plans to reopen on Friday, and that means that outdoor religious services will be permitted, as the graphic below indicates:

Screenshot ABC-11 News Video

Here’s more on the story from ABC-11 News:

Gov. Roy Cooper announced that North Carolina will enter Phase One of the state’s three-part plan to “reignite” its economy, allowing most stores and parks to open but keep businesses like bars and salons closed.

In a news conference Tuesday, Cooper said his new Executive Order will officially enact Phase One as of 5 p.m. on Friday, May 8.

“We have to keep taking precautions to keep people safe, but at the same time, we know we can’t stay at home forever,” Cooper said.

The revised stay-at-home order will allow retail stores that were previously designated as “non-essential”–including clothing, sporting goods and houseware stores–to welcome customers for the first time since March. The businesses, however, must screen their employees for symptoms, ensure capacity never exceeds 50 percent of the building’s total fire capacity, maintain social distancing among shoppers, and conduct routine maintenance and sanitation.  SOURCE: ABC-11

Read the whole report. It describes the different phases and schedules for implementation. But one thing must be emphasized. Safe practices are a vital key to the success of reopening the state. Social distancing is essential. And people in high-risk categories should consider remaining sheltered.

2 thoughts on “NC to Begin Phase 1 of Lockdown Termination

  1. TS

    It is interesting to observe how businesses can allow entry of up to 50% of their building’s capacity rating but churches are still limited to no more than 10 people. Hmmm…

    1. John Gravino

      Outdoor services, though, are not limited to 10 people. So, that’s a positive. I do agree that there are troubling inconsistencies. If the cashier can put change in my hand, why can’t the priest put communion in my hand?

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