Migrants Attack 60 Minutes Crew In Sweden. – YouTube

Are there no-go zones in European countries? Liberals have mocked the idea, claiming that it’s an urban legend concocted by conservative bigots over at Fox news, as this excerpt from a Vox article testifies:

 In both statements from Cruz and his campaign, he raises the specter of Muslim neighborhoods in Europe that are “isolated” from the outside world. This is an existing trope among conservatives and conservative media: that Europe is pockmarked with Muslim communities that are so insular and hostile that they’re “no-go zones” for Europeans. Louisiana Gov. (and onetime Republican presidential candidate) Bobby Jindal has been one of the leading purveyors of this myth, and of its companionate idea that “no-go zones” will threaten and destabilize America next. . .

This video presents convincing evidence that “no-go zones” are no myth.  A 60 Minutes crew from Australia is assaulted on 2 occasions in the 6-minute video.  It all goes down after they enter a Muslim neighborhood where “ambulances need police escorts to ensure their safety,” as the narrator of the video puts it:


The conversation in this country needs to be informed by facts,  but instead real dialogue is stifled by political correctness.  We need to ask whether the policy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to increase unvetted Muslim immigration to this country is good for America. The question is especially urgent as we cope with the recent spate of terrorist attacks on American soil.

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