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An op-ed on the NBC news website is calling for businesses to stop hiring graduates from Christian colleges.  This comes from Rod Dreher over at The American Conservative:

Did you see the list of just over 100 Christian colleges and universities put on a so-called “Shame List” by the LGBT group Campus Pride? If a college as much as hosted a campus speaker critical of homosexuality, it made the list — this, because such colleges are deemed “dangerous” by Campus Pride.  Joseph McCarthyShane Windmeyer, the head of Campus Pride, has an op-ed up on in which he calls on corporations to blacklist graduates from these universities.

Source: LGBT College Blacklist | The American Conservative

Please read the whole article.  It is really shocking that something so obviously bigoted and unconstitutional would be given such a prominent platform in the mainstream media.


I’ll have more to say later. JG

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