Duke Powerpoint: “Does Religion Really Poison Everything? A Critical Review of New Atheist Perspectives on Religion and Science”

Here are the slides that went with my lecture at Duke Medical School.  I believe all sources are adequately cited.  I think I noticed a couple of slides where attributions were inadvertently/inexplicably cut off.  I may make changes to some slides since I will certainly make use of this resource in the future. The slides do not, in every instance, stand on their own since they were intended as an accompaniment to my lecture. JG

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Can American Democracy Survive the New Atheism?

Here is my latest video discussion from the New Walden Book Club.  It is probably my last episode on the Eric Metaxas book If You Can Keep It.  The focus of this episode is Eric’s discussion of the “golden triangle of freedom.”  The implications of this golden triangle are important and controversial.  If there is any truth in this triangle, then the New Atheism poses an existential threat to our democracy.  And not only the New Atheism.  Hollywood and the secular left pose the same danger.  The video explains it all.


Eric Metaxas likes the video!