PRESS RELEASE: Must-Read Book on the Priest Scandal Is Here!


“A clear and principled defense of the church that is arguably superior to anything the institution has offered on its own behalf.”—Kirkus Reviews

  • That’s what Kirkus Reviews said about The Immoral Landscape of the New Atheism, John Gravino’s book on the priest scandal—a scandal that has emerged as the most devastating Church crisis in centuries.


  • The scandal exploded sixteen years ago and is not going away any time soon as state attorneys general across the country follow Pennsylvania’s lead and commence their own investigations of the Church. Bishops and Cardinals have fallen. Prelates of the Church are calling for the pope to resign.
  • Has any crisis claimed more souls than this one? Unprecedented numbers have already left the Church. The faith is being utterly extinguished from entire continents. Measured by this standard, the current crisis is the most catastrophic in Church history. It may very well be the mass apostasy prophesied in the Bible.
  • If this is the mass apostasy, the Bible makes clear that those who leave the Church are in error (2Thess. 2:11). And, indeed, it is an error to blame the Church’s doctrines for the present scandal.


  • Yet the number of books that have attempted a defense of the Church can be counted on one hand. And only one has offered a systematic defense of the Church and the priesthood on the subject of sexual abuse—The Immoral Landscape of the New Atheism by John Gravino.

  • In The Immoral Landscape, John Gravino performs a forensic investigation of the abuse scandal. The crimes are reconstructed and what emerges is something quite unexpected. In the reconstruction of the crime scene of sexual abuse, John Gravino uncovers for us the rudiments of a lost wisdom of Sacred Scripture. It is a sacred science that St. John Paul called “the moral psychology of the Bible.”


  • In The Theology of the Body, John Paul predicted that the “moral psychology of the Bible” would one day be vindicated by science. What John Gravino discovered in his investigation was that that day has already arrived. Neuroscience today shows that the scourge of sexual abuse is not the result of celibacy or any other doctrine of the Church. It is, rather, the tragic consequence of the sexual revolution and its rejection of Church doctrine.
  • As The Immoral Landscape demonstrates, the errors of the sexual revolution produced an epidemic of sexual abuse outside the Church as well as inside. Today our country is suffering from many symptoms of moral and spiritual decay—epidemics of obesity, sexually transmitted diseases, economic and political corruption, mental illness, and violence.
  • Today we inhabit an immoral landscape. And a deceiving spirit wrongly blames the Church for our miseries. It cries out arrogantly, “Religion poisons everything!” But John Gravino shows that, far from being the cause of our problems, the Church and its holy priesthood are the solution—the only solution, in fact.
  • What the evidence today shows is this incontrovertible fact: that, as America has become less Christian, she has become more degenerate—that America was better when she was Christian.


  • Are you in Catholic media? Here’s the question you need to ask yourself. Seven Catholics have left the Church for every new member, and Pew Research shows that the scandal is a major reason for the exodus. What have you done to defend the Church these past sixteen years? What have you done to oppose the deceiving spirit in the new propaganda culture of the mainstream media that has attacked our Church and our priests?
  • We must not repeat the mistakes of the past sixteen years by continuing to ignore this crisis. Too many souls have already been lost.

  • An excellent first step is this: Interview John Gravino for your magazine, website, podcast, radio, or TV show to talk about his excellent book—the book Kirkus Reviews called:

“A bold defense of Christianity against its most ardent critics, the New Atheists.”

  • “The entire study is painstakingly researched and meticulously documented as well as carefully argued. Gravino presents his case in the spirit of the natural law teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, eschewing a facile reliance upon scriptural authority in favor of an appeal to rational demonstration.”—Kirkus Reviews  
  • A worthy read for anyone interested in the modern relevance of Christian teaching.” —Kirkus Reviews
  • “[A] gripping read and a valuable contribution to contemporary Christian apologetics. Gravino confronts professional atheists head-on, addresses the “priest scandal” intelligently, and leverages current research to cast new light on scriptural wisdom. His dense little paperback deserves a wide audience.” —Patrick O’Hannigan, The American Spectator
  • “Order this important book. . . .” —John Zmirak


If you would like a review copy of The Immoral Landscape of the New Atheism, or if you would like to schedule an interview, you may contact John Gravino at this website.