NWBC: Heretical Churches Are Known by Their Fruits

This excerpt from my book discusses the common heresy that you hear among progressive Christians, namely, that “grace is everywhere.”  My book refutes this heresy:

[429] I have seen the opinion that “grace is everywhere” expressed by certain heretical groups to argue that the Church, far from being the source of grace, as prophesied in Ezekiel 47, is actually an obstacle to grace because of its laws and restrictions. But this heretical argument relies on a vague notion of grace to make its argument. A major point of this book is that grace is concrete, not abstract, and that it includes, among other things, the qualities of sound psychological and cognitive health. Traditional Church teaching and Sacred Scripture supports this concrete understanding of grace, as this book shows. When grace is understood in this concrete way, what we notice is that grace is disappearing from the world, and it is also disappearing from many Christian churches neck-deep in heresy. Such churches are almost as inept as the secular world at securing the fruits (graces) of the Spirit.

Gravino, John (2016-05-13). The Immoral Landscape (of the New Atheism): How Human Nature Poisons Everything and Why the Church Is Our Only Hope for Survival (Kindle Locations 5044-5051). CreateSpace. Kindle Edition.

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