Catholic News Roundup—for Jan. 10, 2018

New books, new movies, new controversies and heresies—2018 is just beginning as the world comes hurtling to its end.  Take a look at these headlines:

 Francis Watch

  • LifeSiteNews reported that Pope Francis visited the Vatican’s controversial gay-themed nativity scene on New Year’s Eve.  Observers who were wondering what the pontiff might say or do got their answer.  He blessed it. You can read the whole article at the link below:

Amoris Laetitia

  • The new year got off to a sizzling start as three bishops issued a letter rejecting Amoris Laetitia:   In their letter, the bishops uphold the constant tradition of the Church that it is never permissible for people living in adultery to receive Communion.  And no one has the authority to change it—not even the pope. Stay tuned to see how Francis responds to this direct contradiction of his recent “teaching.”  Several links below:

Humanae Vitae

  • Edward Pentin reports that the situational ethics of Amoris is being used to challenge the Church’s ban on contraception.  The heretic in this case is a theologian from the Pontifical Academy for Life.  This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Humanae Vitae’s publication, and, as I have mentioned previously, many inside the Church are planning to use this occasion to undermine its teachings.

Arts & Culture

  • Give the paragraph below a read.  It comes from the soon-to-be-published book by Ross Douthat, conservative Catholic columnist for the New York Times.  If more “expert” theologians and members of the hierarchy had Douthat’s good sense, there wouldn’t be an Amoris Laetitia controversy.

  • Jim Caviezel is in a new movie about St. Paul!



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