3 thoughts on “The Watchman, Episode #2

  1. Therese

    I must ask respectfully that you explain yourself: what is this private revelation, and from whom is it coming?

    1. John Gravino

      Episode 2 is brief, less than 25 minutes long. To keep it that brief, I refer viewers interested in more detail to episode 1, which is almost an hour long. In episode 1, I explain that the messages came from Jesus. There is an even longer explanation on a YouTube video that gives more detail about how these revelations got started (Medjugorje). Episode 2 is focused on a secondary revelation. The main message, which has many layers to it is explained in episode 1. The main message is that we entered into the Great Tribulation when Francis placed the pachamama idol inside St. Peter’s Basilica. The original message was given to me in 2001, 18 years before its fulfillment in 2019. I published the prophecy in 2016, at Jesus’ request. The publication date is EXACTLY 3 1/2 years prior to the fulfillment of the prophecy. The prophecy predicted 3 significant events of the Francis pontificate during those 3 1/2 years. Each event was followed by a chastisement, indicating God’s displeasure with Pope Francis.

      The new message, which is the topic of episode 2, concerns a sequence of numbers that I received. The number sequence looks like a timeline of the Great Tribulation. This March of 2022 is at the beginning of this timeline, and it indicates that Ez. 5: 11 was fulfilled just this past March. What does Ez. 5: 11 describe? That depends on the translation, but the translation that makes the most sense says that God is withdrawing his presence AND PROTECTION from the disobedient of the Church. That would include POPE FRANCIS. It might include St. Peter’s. It might include Rome. Or Europe. Or the whole world.

      Thus, this new message is God’s answer to the consecration: God is not offering any additional protection against Russia. And WORSE, God is withdrawing his protection from those things that had been formerly protected. The consecration is rejected.

      God will remain with the Church always, as Jesus promised, and satan will not prevail. But the disobedient will receive their due punishment; they no longer enjoy God’s protection. The only people God will listen to are the faithful. The fate of the world depends on their prayers and sacrifices.

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