Watchman—Ep. #1: “The Great Tribulation Prophecy”

A conjunction of events took place on April 16, 2016, which serves as a prophetic key to understanding current world events. And in a special way, it both predicted and explained the events of the Francis pontificate from the publication of Amoris Laetitia to the worship of Pachamama—a period of exactly 3 1/2 years.

A 400-year-old prophecy predicted that the the people of the 20th century would be severely punished by God for their sins. That prophecy is being fulfilled now. It’s the Great Tribulation described by Jesus in Mt. 24. And Pope Francis is in deep trouble. This is the premiere episode of The Watchman, a new podcast series.

Update—This Is a Prophecy of Judgment on Pope Francis:

When you watch the podcast, you will see how this obviously points to a condemnation of Pope Francis. But I want to make it clear that what is being condemned is NOT THE PERSON of Pope Francis, but his actions. We are not judging the pope’s soul, and Jesus makes it clear in the Gospel that that sort of judgment of a person is forbidden. We are not qualified to make such a judgment. But we are qualified to judge actions. And it is the actions of Pope Francis that are the target of criticism and judgment here—nothing more.

Update #2— WHOA! When I Hit the Publish Button, I Got a Big Surprise. . . .

If you watch the whole show, you will see toward the end that I talk about a new message that I received that is simply a sequence of numbers. I also mentioned that the prophetic message I received contains information about the meaning of 666. When you hit the “publish button” WordPress generates a unique web address for your post. They always end with a sequence of numbers. Take a look at the web address of this post and look at the sequence of numbers:


It is perhaps significant that the Book of Ezekiel, which happens to be the central focus of the prophecy in the video below, is the 33rd book of the Bible. Enjoy the show!

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