“Amoris Laetitia”—Trojan Horse for Gay Fascism, Part III

Yesterday NW reported that pro-LGBT ministries appear to be popping up out of nowhere in the Diocese of Raleigh. And I stated at the end of the article that what is happening here in North Carolina is actually part of a global movement in the Church to implement Amoris Laetitia. I connect all the dots for you right here in this third and final installment of NW’s sneak peek at the soon-to-be-published expanded paperback edition of Confronting the Pope of Suspicion. (For the previous installments, see here: Part I & Part II. )

Excerpt: Part III [The Rough Cut]

The Final Lesson of Mundelein: Gay Inclusion Became Gay Fascism.

On December 27, 2020, Francis declared 2021 to be a year of reflection on Amoris Laetitia. As I pointed out at the beginning of this essay, it will be a year of promotion and implementation. Thus, it will be a year of promotion and implementation of gay inclusion at dioceses all around the world. If you have read my book and this concluding postscript, it should not be a mystery to you what an era of gay inclusion will look like. It will look like Mundelein Seminary and all the other seminaries that have been practicing gay inclusion for decades. And that’s a very bad thing. For the gay activists in seminaries did not practice the “mercy and compassion” that they preach. Instead, they tolerated no dissent against their policies of gay inclusion and equality. They denied to orthodox, faithful Catholics the right to freedom of conscience that they demand for themselves and for their allies. Anyone who dared to oppose the wicked heresy of gay equality was black-balled or thrown out of seminary, as Michael Rose described in his excellent book Goodbye, Good Men:

Too often men who support the teachings of the Church, especially the teachings on sexual morality, are dismissed for being “rigid and uncharitable homophobes,” while those seminarians who reject the Church’s teaching or “come out” as gays to their superiors are given preferential treatment and then ordained to the Catholic priesthood.

In short, many have hijacked the priesthood in order to change the Catholic Church from within. . . . The fact is that many qualified candidates for the priesthood have been turned away for political reasons over the past three decades. Systematic, ideological discrimination has been practiced against seminarians who uphold Catholic teaching on sexuality and other issues; dissenters from Catholic teaching—including teaching on homosexuality—have been rewarded.31

In an era of cancel culture and liberal fascism, gay inclusion at your church will also include legions of gay lawyers and their gay media allies. Their gay congressional representatives. Their gay judges. If you so much as dare to whisper the Truth of the Gospel within the walls of your own Christian Church, you are about to meet an army of opposition. And they are legion.

“We Cannot Bless Sin”

On March 15, it was reported that Pope Francis had agreed with a Vatican ruling that the Church cannot bless same-sex weddings since God “cannot bless sin.”32 Try to imagine for a moment, in this era of liberal fascism, what would have happened if the pope ruled the other way. Lines would be around the block of gay activist fascists signing up for a gay marriage ceremony at the local Catholic Church. And you know who would be the best man and maid of honor? Their lawyers. Any pastor or bishop who dared to refuse would have been hit with a massive lawsuit. And not just one lawsuit. Hundreds. The media would descend like a pack of wolves. And the difficult question that any honest priest would be stuck answering is this: “What gives you the authority to defy the pope?” Make no mistake. We dodged a bullet this time. But this entire “Year of Reflection on Amoris Laetitia” will be like the Alamo, O.K. Corral, and St. Valentine’s Day Massacre all rolled into one. This year of implementation of Amoris Laetitia threatens to become a year of extortion for our parishes: surrender to the gay fascists, or we’ll turn your churches into Memories Pizza and Masterpiece Cakeshop. We’ll drag your leaders through the mud of our liberal media allies and get them fired from their jobs for the crime of being “homophobic bigots.”

The Great Catholic Reset

As I stated at the beginning, this is not a year of reflection, but of promotion and implementation. And it has already begun. Dioceses around the world are making preparations. The Germans are calling for the Catechism to be changed on the subject of homosexuality.33 In Brazil, the bishops included pro-LGBT themes and messages in their formal Lenten reflections for parishes.34 Pope Francis and Cardinal Marx are calling for a new era to dawn.35 It is an era of gay equality and liberation in the Church. Call it “The Great Gay Catholic Reset.”

In my own diocese of Raleigh, and kept secret from the laity, a multi-parish, pro-LGBT Lenten Bible study is under way. It is being led by the St. Francis of Assisi parish in Raleigh—a parish with a long-standing LGBT ministry associated with the Raleigh Gay Pride Parade. Participants include unsuspecting parishes that have never before supported any kind of pro- LGBT ministry. In fact, at one parish that I happen to know quite well, St. Andrew’s, they actively resisted such efforts a few years ago and forced the removal of their heretical pastor.36 But this year, in the year of implementation and extortion, gay liberation is being imposed on St. Andrew’s without their knowledge and consent. I am informed by a reliable source that the plan is to use this initial Bible study to secretly impose permanent pro-LGBT ministries at St. Andrew’s and other unsuspecting parishes in the diocese. My source tells me they are using this initial Bible study to identify leaders who can run these LGBT ministries. And while it is true that past efforts, like at St. Andrew’s, have failed, this time is very different. This time they are organized and united.

Just like the gay liberation seminaries of the seventies, gay liberation and equality is being imposed on the orthodox faithful. In an uncanny reflection of societal trends in the West, leftist, gay totalitarianism in the Church is being exported from Catholic academia to the Catholic mainstream, to our local church communities. And just like the seminaries, there will be no freedom to opt out. Mark my words, the mercy and compassion that the LGBT community demands from us will not be reciprocated.37

Live Not By Lies

What is to be done then? This year of Amoris Laetitia has barely gotten off the ground, and that is a good thing for any resistance movement. Plans to implement LGBT ministries are only in their initial planning stages, and that is when a movement is at its weakest. So now is the best time to act, but what should our strategy be? Bishop Barron, again, is the key to our understanding. It is clear from his presentation that it was not his primary goal to instruct his audience. He stated that he was assigned to present on chapters seven through nine, but he tells the audience that he wants to just skip chapter eight, the most controversial.38 Barron wasn’t teaching Amoris Laetitia; he was selling it. And like a dishonest used car salesman, his plan was to hide the defects: To tell lies.

But it wasn’t a car he was selling. It was a Trojan horse—stuffed with heretical German bishops and Jesuits. Pay close attention to Barron’s presentation, and you will see that he praised and defended all the same things the German bishops praise, all the same heresies of the seventies that guided Mundelein Seminary. The connection is difficult to see clearly because Barron employs so many evasions and misrepresentations. He tells lies.

How do the fascists get you to conform, to get you to do their will rather than your own? One way they succeed is by telling lies—lies designed to make you believe that their will and your will are the same. And that takes some intellectual acrobatics, as the dystopian authors teach us:

  • War is peace.

  • Freedom is slavery.

  • Ignorance is strength.

  • Science is infallible.

  • Homosexuality is Christian.

  • Jesus wants gays to take over your churches.

Solzhenitsyn teaches us that the best way to fight totalitarianism is to “live not by lies.”39 I hope this little book can serve as a useful resource for doing just that.

[Coming soon: the expanded paperback edition of Confronting the Pope of Suspicion.]

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    I apologize for my ignorance but I don’t know what the “December Massacre” is.

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      We need a new LGBT(Q) movement in the Church:

      Let God be Triumphant (quickly).

      A lot of people are “over the rainbow”….as in fed up!

      Please God have Mercy on us all!

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