Republican and Democrat Debate Trump’s Handling of COVID-19


I don’t often post political topics on NewWalden, but this debate has been discussed a lot on social media. Trump is being crucified by the media for the COVID-19 crisis, and Bill Maher does an admirable job in this debate of hitting on all the major talking points and criticisms. If you watch the news, you will be familiar with Maher’s point of view. What may be less familiar is Dan Crenshaw’s perspective. He does an excellent job here of defending the president. See for yourself. Who’s the winner, in your opinion?

2 thoughts on “Republican and Democrat Debate Trump’s Handling of COVID-19

    1. John Gravino

      Lots of people commenting on social media seem to think that Maher seems much weaker when he is not assisted by the biased audience and panel that always back him up.

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