Breaking News: Pontifical Biblical Commission Is Re-evaluating Divorce and Homosexuality—Evidence of Coordination with German Church

An official Vatican website is reporting the publication of a new book commissioned by the Pontifical Biblical Commission that appears to expose Pope Francis as a full-blown heretic and apostate:


This comes from the beginning of the article:

A new book-length study by the Pontifical Biblical Commission examines the Scriptural understanding of the human being. Entitled “What is man? An itinerary of biblical anthropology”, the document aims not at giving an answer to every question about man, but rather, providing foundational principles for discernment.

That’s according to Father Pietro Bovati, SJ, the secretary for the Commission. In an interview with Vatican News, he explained the significance of the document. “The Pope wanted this theme to be addressed starting precisely from Scripture, which is the foundation and soul of all Christian reflection”, Fr Bovati said. “At the basis of this is a question: what is man? This question runs through the whole of the Bible as an itinerary”.

The press release is characteristically brief and uninformative. We know that the website interviewed the person in charge of the Vatican department that commissioned the book, and according to him, Pope Francis initiated the study, which analyzes the Bible from a scientific and anthropological point of view.

But the really explosive and damning revelations come from websites that are publishing excerpts from the new book. Here is a robo-translation from la Repubblica:

Excerpt From Book via La Repubblica

“For some time now – reads the document of the former Holy Office -, in particular in Western culture, voices of dissent have appeared with respect to the anthropological approach of Scripture, as understood and transmitted by the Church in its normative aspects. All this is judged as the simple reflection of an archaic, historically conditioned mentality We know that various biblical affirmations, in the cosmological, biological and sociological field, have gradually been considered outdated with the progressive affirmation of the natural and human sciences, similarly – we deduce on the part of some – a new and more adequate understanding of the human person imposes a radical reservation on the exclusive enhancement of the heterosexual union in favor of aa similar reception of homosexuality and homosexual unions “.

“Moreover – the document of the Doctrine of the Faith still records – it is sometimes argued that the Bible says little or nothing about this type of erotic relationship, which should not therefore be condemned, also because it is often unduly confused with other aberrant sexual behaviors”. The allusion is to pedophilia.

In closing, we read: “The exegetical examination conducted on the texts of the Old and New Testament made elements appear that should be considered for an evaluation of homosexuality, in its ethical implications. Certain formulations of biblical authors, such as disciplinary directives of Leviticus, they require an intelligent interpretation that safeguards the values ​​that the sacred text intends to promote, thus avoiding repeating to the letter what also brings with it cultural traits of that time, and pastoral attention will be required, particularly towards the individual persons, to carry out that service of good that the Church has to assume in its mission for men “.

SOURCE: la Repubblica

The Excerpt Tentatively Decoded

It can be tricky and ill-advised to draw conclusions from a robo-translation. So it’s important to understand that I put this forward as a tentative interpretation only. Nevertheless, my extensive research on the subject gives me confidence in the following interpretation.

The excerpt is criticizing traditional Biblical scholarship for failing to recognize that some of the Bible’s moral prescriptions are nothing but the expressions of the arbitrary cultural prejudices of ancient times. The sciences can help us to overcome these “archaic” views. And when we make use of the sciences in this way, we arrive at a “more adequate understanding of the human person.” This scientific view of the person recognizes that homosexuality and homosexual unions deserve an equal or “similar” status with their heterosexual counterparts.

German Church Acting in Concert with the Vatican

I will be updating this post throughout the day. But what should be clear is this. We now have strong evidence of coordination between the Vatican and the German bishops to plunge the universal Church into apostasy.


The NC Register’s Edward Pentin has done his own translation of the excerpt from la Repubblica and it confirms the worst. The Vatican is using science to justify the normalization of homosexuality. Here is part of Pentin’s translation:

Similarly — it can be deduced by some — a new and more adequate understanding of the human person imposes a radical reservation about the exclusive value of the heterosexual union, in favor of a similar acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual unions as a legitimate and worthy expression of the human being.

More on this story coming soon. JG

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  3. MyronM

    After the flood, God promised that He would not destroy the earth with water again. However, after the destruction of Sodom, he did not make a similar promise. Rome has become the world capital of sodomy. As announced by the Blessed Virgin (see* the 3rd secret of Fatima), Rome had 69 weeks to give up these abominations and convert. Because Sr. Lucy wrote this secret on paper on April 1, 1944, Saturday before Palm Sunday, so 69th Holy Week passed in 2012 (April 1-8). Rome did not take advantage of this grace, on the contrary the City was falling into sin more and more. Therefore, the 70th Holy Week in 2013 (March 24-31) is the beginning of the punishment: Jorge the Apostate is the destroyer of the hierarchical Roman Catholic church. Almighty God pours out his anger.
    Because the Great Harlot sitting on seven hills revealed her Sodom’ features, so Rome will not escape the fire falling from the sky.


  4. Deborah Sullivan

    Novus Ordo Watch believes these quotes do not reflect the view of the auithors, but are only presenting the views of critics. They pulled their own story on this when they realized the quotes do not represent the author’s viewpoint.

    1. John Gravino

      That’s the issue being debated right now, Deborah—you’re right. But please see my update at the end of the article. Edward Pentin did his own translation of the Vatican text, and it agrees with the original from la Repubblica.

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