Advent 2015: Week 3

Sunday, 12/13/15

Zeph. 3:14–18——J5, “the prodigal son mystery”: God’s mercy

Phlp. 4:4–7——J1, S4:S2—— rejoice always!

Lk. 3: 10–18——L1, L2:L5——the three baptisms: water, Spirit, fire


Monday, 12/14/15, John of the Cross

Nm. 24:2–7, 15–17——L1——Balaam as a prefigurement of John the Baptist

Mt. 21: 23–27––L1——on John’s baptism


Tuesday, 12/15/15

Zeph. 3:1–2, 9–13—— L1: humble repentance = purification + G2: humility vs. proud self-exaltation

Mt. 21: 28–32——L1: parable of the two sons: our task is to do the will of God


Wednesday, 12/16/15

Is. 45: 6–8, 18, 21–25——J1: intelligent design!

Lk. 7: 18–23——G1: Christ is the resurrection and the life!


Thursday, 12/17/15

Gn. 49: 2, 8–10——J4: the voice and leadership of the Church

Mt. 1: 1–17——J3: genealogy of Jesus


Friday, 12/18/15

Jer. 23: 5–8——J1: J3: prophecy of Christ’s coming

Mt. 1: 18–25——J1:J3


Saturday, 12/19/15

Jgs. 13: 2–7, 24–25——J1: annunciation of the birth of Samson; L3: the need for ascetical practice to cultivate holiness

Lk. 1: 5–25——J1: annunciation of the birth of John


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