Advent 2015: Week 1

Sunday, 11/29/15

Jer. 33:14–16——J1:J3

1Thess. 3:12–4:2——J4, L4

Lk. 21: 25–36——{G2:. L5—–>L3, S1}: The traumatic nature of the end times, which presage the arrival of Judgment Day, necessitates that the spiritual pilgrim prepare himself through the cultivation and practice of watchfulness, prayer, and asceticism.


Monday, 11/30/15, Andrew, Apostle

Rom. 10: 9–18——J4:  the need for preachers to build up the Church, the body of Christ

Mt. 4: 18–22——J4: the call of Andrew and the Apostles


Tuesday, 12/1/15

Is. 11: 1–10——L4: the gifts of the Spirit = the cognitive powers of the mind (See my book); G1: new life infused with  divine harmony

Lk. 10: 21–24——L4: Christian wisdom—”enlightenment”—belongs to the humble.


Wednesday, 12/2/15

Is. 25: 6–10——L2, G2: Heaven is a great banquet on the Lord’s mountain.

Mt. 15: 29–37——{L5, L2 —–>L4 = G1}: Jesus feeds 4,000: The sacraments produce a transformation that is a new and fully restored life, free of defect on the spiritual plane.  This spiritual restoration foreshadows the complete restoration of the resurrection.